Building My Kingdom with $CUB - HOLD to BUILD to Financial FREEDOM

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Hey All;


I decided to do another round of investing in $CUB. With the price of $CUB falling, I could not resist investing in my favorite DeFi project Cubdefi

This time around, I went ahead buying 2 BNB worth of $CUB. As I stated in my earlier blogs the strategy & my plan to go ALL-IN $CUB Farms.


This is my current state of investment in $CUB an increase of close to $2K+ from my previous investment. I had sold worth 1K Travala tokens off lately and am slowly going to invest all the money in $CUB - that's the plan at the moment I have. You can't afford to lose $CUB at these prices.

2 BNB got me 718 $CUBs


I did this trade, Yesterday when $CUB was trading in the range of $1.60 - $1.70 & this got me close to 718 $CUB - which I all invested/Staked in the $CUB Den.


Initially, I thought of enhancing my stake in the $CUB-BUSD pool coz. of the high APR - which at the moment is close to 280%. But then coz. of the Impermanent Loss fear in mind. I decided to stake all the $CUB that I bought in $CUB DeN..

HOLD to BUILD to Financial FREEDOM

Moving forward the strategy that I've formed is very simple & straightforward. All the $CUBs that I would be earning in a day will be going in the $CUB DeN. Currently, I'm targeting close to 5K+ $CUB tokens invested in $CUB DeN. As of writing this article, I've 800+ $CUBs staked a long way to go from here.

Final Thoughts


We all have seen the latest announcement from the @leofinace team with regards to KINGDOMS coming, continuous development, $CUB marketing, more pools. I am not sure if we have #HIVE pool planned or not by the @leofinance team. But if the #HIVE $LEO, $CUB pools comes out - then I think, that this is going to be a huge WIN for #HIVE #LEO & #CUB tokens. I foresee at least $2Mil. liquidity pool provided - which in turn results in bringing the $CUB TLV numbers up as well.

So in case if you have been wondering to sell or exchange your $CUBs with other tokens. Just give it a second thought - $CUB is here to stay and it's not like another DeFi project - CubDeFi is UNIQUE you do not need to worry at night coz. of a rug-pull concern - $CUB is here to STAY with continuous development & innovation happening all the time around.

Hoping for $CUB to be $10+ SooN...


Best Regards

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PS:- None of the above is a FINANCIAL Advice. Please DYOR; Do your own research. I have an interest in the leofinance, cubdefi and associated projects and it's tokens & hence bought some LEO/$CUB tokens; that's iT.

PS:: Image Credits:: leofinance; cubdefi

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Is the price being affected by BTC price movement ?

Yes, that could be one factor. And the main reason I think could be so many DeFi projects cropping in every other day. And for insane Yields like 100% odd funds shifting happens. so that could be the other reason.

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This is a good plan, If you believe the project so you should go into it 100%.
Best of luck with 5K+ $CUB tokens and i wish you will reach your target soon.

I read that there's also going to be a cointelegraph press release and it is good to see that there might be an increased push on marketing. Fingers crossed.

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Cool analysis here, quite a number of whales on Cubdefi, nice to 300cub are so dear to my heart, guarding them jealously...

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That is so cool @gungunkrishu. Crushing hard on Cub Finance! It's so cheap right now, gotta buy some more myself.

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Very nice. I think I might have to check out the discord tool and I think I will probably continue to invest in a LP until it gets big enough. I plan on making it big enough to at least cover my transaction fees.

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