How much worth of $CUBs Do I Farm in a Minute? - LIVE $CUB Farming...


Hey All;

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I thought it would be nice to create a one-minute video on $CUB Farming. When I was new to the DeFi world i.e. CubDefi especially. I had this question in my mind that:: How much worth of $CUBs I would be farming in a Minute.

It's interesting to see that $CUB farming screen refreshing with dollars every second. But did you get a chance to see - How much worth of $CUBs Do YOU Farm in a Minute?

Watch LIVE $CUBs Farming on my channel::

  • How much worth of $CUBs Do I Farm in a Minute? - LIVE $CUB Farming

Copy of CUB Harvesting.gif

Watch the LIVE $CUB Farming on

In order to make it interesting, I'm not going to reveal the $CUBs amount that I farm in a minute. But here are some interesting points/hints that I can give you and rest you can watch the video to know the total amount in dollars that I earn via the $CUB farming here on the CubDeFi platform.

  • I recently made some changes to the $CUB farm and am currently invested in $CUB-BUSD pool

  • This is my latest snapshot of the investment in CubDeFi


  • I'm harvesting once in a day most of the time

  • with harvested $CUBs, I either increase my $CUB-BUSD pool or exchange it for bLeo or at times with BNB

Overall, my journey with CubDefi has been great thus far. Though I would be down with the investment made and that is coz. of the entire crypto market fall that happened recently. I'm sure and confident that the price of $CUB will rebound and all who stayed invested will be the ones enjoying the bull ride of $CUB in near future...

Hoping for $CUB to be $10+ SooN...

Best Regards

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PS:- None of the above is a FINANCIAL Advice. Please DYOR; Do your own research. I have an interest in the leofinance, cubdefi and associated projects and it's tokens & hence bought some LEO/$CUB tokens; that's iT.

PS:: Image Credits:: leofinance; cubdefi,

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I'm a little down on my investment as well but hopefully we go 10x from here as some of the weaker yield farms close down and the stronger ones like cub remain. Also Kingdoms and LeoBridge might bring some much needed demand for cubs I hope.

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