Travala Quarterly AVA token Burn - 56,500 AVA tokens worth $50K+ Burned this time

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Hey All;

Finally the Travala; AVA token Burn report is out. As per the report, 56,500 AVA tokens were burned; which is equivalent to $50,526 USD worth of tokens at the time of the burn.

The AVA token Burn report can be found Here. With this 5th Quarterly Burn activity of 56,500 AVA tokens now the current supply of AVA token stands 61,125,269 AVA. As per Travala's whitepaper, the AVA Repurchasing Plan & Burning of AVA tokens will take place each quarter until the circulating supply of AVA tokens is reached to 40Million.

AVA token trading @ $1+


As of writing this article the AVA token is up 10+% with this news of AVA token burn and is currently trading exactly for $1.

There is another news tied to AVA and SafePal; which is around swapping and HOLDing of the AVA token on SafePal App wallet.

Users who swap and hold 150 AVA for 7 days before January 31st are able to take an exclusive share from the total reward pool.

As of now I haven't decided to participate or HODL my AVA tokens on the SafePal App. The detailed information as how to get involved in this process of swap, hold and earning SafePal tokens can be found here

Finally; I haven't staked my AVA tokens that I HODL. Still looking out for an opportunity for quick gains. Hopefully we can see some more momentum is the AVA token price and I can take some prfoits before I enter into their Smart Memeber Program.

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Did you hear about the Travala AVA token? Do you HODL AVA tokens? What are your thoughts on Travala Project overall? Let me know your valuable views in the comment box below.

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PS:- None of the above is a FINANCIAL Advice. Please DYOR; Do your own research. I had an interest in the Travala project and hence bought some of AVA tokens; that's iT.

PS:: Image Credits; Travala, cmc

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Damn, I wish I could have some liquidity to buy AVA.

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$1 price is impressive..

I hope you ask @trumpman the permission to write about AVA, or at least added him as beneficiary :D

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gracias por la reseña