My CTP Goal Weekly Update.... CTP Goal 89% Completed...πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

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Hello all Friends..


This is the start of new week so its time for weekly update on CTP and Hive goals.

CTP Goal

Stacking the 10k CTP token by the mid of December....
Last week 590 Token were staked and total staked token in accounts are 8907.


Total 89% target completed.
The voting value is 1.9 at 90% VP.


Hive Goal

At present the account has kore then 700 HP in total but own power is 100 HP.
I am planning to participate in #hivepud and will power with min 100 HP, which means the own HP will be doubled.

My goal os to own 1000 HP by the mid of the 2021. I have to make some plan for same,other then posting.

I would like to highlight the curation tail and interesting projects helps me lot.

Curation Trail
@bradleyarrow setup a curation trail (upvote CTP tag post) and you can check he details and how to join the trail by clicking on this link

Come and join the rail.

CTPSB Project

The CTPSB account is powered by the community and owned by the community.

CTP Swarm Booster (CPSB) is a initiative by @achim03
The Idea behind is to create a account which will upvote the posts within the community and then curation rewards earn by the account will be used to grow the account.
More Hive Power = increase value of the token
To know the concept of the project click here

Recenly the project crossed the 10,000 HP (own HP) milestone... amazing growth... wishing the best of luck for future......

Thanks for stopping by my post.

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Best of luck 🀞

Thanks dear.... thanks a lot for support...

You are getting closer and closer... Just a few small steps and you are there... ;)

Good luck!

Yup...... Next target is going to be tough 20k stacked token and position in top 25 rich list....

Best of luck to ur 10k run πŸ‘πŸ»

Thanks for stopping by....

Congratulation on almost reaching your goal. I believe you will get there before the end of the year!

Yes.... Thanks for stopping by and support..... planning to buy some CTPSB for my kids account to...

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Great job with your goals looks like your moving in the right direction

Congrats on all your achievements!

Almost there on that 10K CTP!
Keep creating and you will get it in no time :)

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