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RE: Would you people quit your job if you could somehow earn the same amount of money each month but from a different source?

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No, I wouldn't quit my job. Not for any amount in the world actually. You see, I truly love my job. Well, that's only half true... I don't truly love my job, but I truly love what I do at my job so I could never allow myself to give that up.

I work as mental health nurse/assistant nurse specialized in psychiatry or a psychiatric nurse. Whatever you want to call it. It appears to have many names.

What I do is fulfilling. I help people who suffers from mental illness. Sometimes, I "fight" and "brawl" to gain control over situations, to prevent patients from cutting themselves with knifes, forks or whatever. I prevent them from hurting themselves. I talk with them, I treat them and I show that they are not alone. I am a pillar of support in desperate, scary and dark times. The thrill and satisfaction from actually helping someone who is in the darkest place and the darkest moments of their lives, to help them heal so they can continue to live their lives is amazing. It's a fantastic feeling, so I wouldn't give that up for money.

That being said though, with money, I would most certainly reduce the working hours. I would most likely only work 50% maximum, instead of my current 150% lol.

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I totally agree with you but I really like my job too.
If there is something that Covid19 crisis taught me is that I don't want to spend my time on my own behind a computer screen at home.
Nice colleagues and the appreciation the work you do (apart from salary) are very important to me.

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That is true, in my line of work it's scary though. As I work so close with Covid-19, and because I work within the psychiatry, we don't have the same regulations and guidelines as the rest of the hospital. We don't use safety equipment etc, because our patients "shouldn't have covid", as they have mental issues. The only time we use safety equipment is when a patient is having symptoms, but if they have Covid-19 at that point, it's most likely too late already.. That would make it spread across out entire department.

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Jobs in healthcare have different requirements indeed. Let's hope there will be a vaccine soon so life will become a bit more normal again.
Take care!

Would you use the vaccine if there will be one?

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I don't know yet. I think people in the risk categories are going to receive one first. Just like the yearly influence vaccine they are providing.
If it's necessary to stop the virus I'll consider it.

That's not a job. You've found your vocation. Hats off to you. Jokes aside we'll need more people like you in the not so distant future due to that Covid shit....

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Yeah, we've already started to see the consequences. Especially among older people, or elderly. Whatever the name is. They've been in quarantine for so long so many of them have started to become depressed and many of them have severe anxiety problems. All of that leads to increasing suicides as well. It's terrible. Most of our other patients are often having troubles such as ADHD, depression, EIPS and a variety of other diagnosis. One of them or all of them. Most often multiple.. And this Covid-19 shit doesn't make it easier.

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