#HiveChat Host Announcement!

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Hi Hive,

I Am HiveChat, a weekly Tweetchat that highlights #Hive on Twitter through different questions by different weekly Hosts. In this post I would like to annouce the hosts for the next 3 #HiveChat's.

Join us for #HiveChat 021 on December 8th, 2020 @ 11.00 GMT with host @hivevest!


Please note that the time is 1 hour earlier than usual!!


In case you haven't heard, the biggest Hive event is right around the corner. Hivefest is a virtual event for everyone on Hive on December 18th, 2020. You can register for free until December 7th!

Read more about it here.

Join us for #HiveChat 022 on December 15th, 2020 @ 14.00 GMT with host @eddiespino!


Please note that the time is 2 hours later than usual!!

Join us for #HiveChat 023 on December 22nd, 2020 with host @lisamgentile1961!


Time: TBD

HIVECHAT RECAP: #HiveChat 020 with @traciyork!

Last week, @traciyork hosted the #HiveChat, with a special #HivePUD theme.

A Snapshot of #HiveChat 020

Hivechat 112201.png
Hivechat 112202.png

#HiveChat Host Directory

A list of the hosts so far:

| (1) @jeanlucsr | (2) @hivepeople | (3) @traciyork | (4) @nathanmars | (5) @artemislives |
| (6) @pixiepost | (7) @hivetrending | (8) @stellabelle | (9) @hiro-hive | (10) @jongolson |
| (11) @the-bitcoin-dood | (12) @nonsowrites | (13) @victoriabsb | (14) @dexpartacus | (15) @dbuzz |
| (16) @hiro-hive | (17) @jeanlucsr | (18) @hivechat | (19) @nathanmars | (20) @traciyork |

Want to become a #hivechat host? Feel free to reach out to @jeanlucsr on Discord or Twitter DM for more info. Please be mindful that several slots that we've yet to announce might already be filled in.

HiveChat Banner.gif

Please note that the December 8th, 2020 HiveChat will be at 11.00 GMT/UTC!!!

Delegate to @hivechat

50 HP - 100 HP - 250 HP - 500 HP - 1000 HP

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It will me my honor to host the #HiveChat on that date! I'm starting to think of questions and ideas.

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This initiative is making some interesting impact outside #HIVE. I think it has legs to keep growing and might be yet too soon to evolve, but I see a couple of wild opportunities coming out of this.

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