CoffeeTalk Live on LeoFinance - April 10 2021


@HiveCoffee is now Live!!

Tonight I am streaming live and curating LeoFinance. I also plan to browse the DeFi markets today just to start the conversation. As soon as I started streaming, Bitcoin took off like a rocket over $1000 in just minutes, reaching a new ATH of $61,222.220!


1 Cubs on the Hunt: DeFi is here to stay

2 Vote On Proposal 167 to support Core Dev

3 Join @leomarkettalk live chats daily

4 What is your favorite LeoDex token?

The past few weeks I have been many new and old projects, and tried out various front end DAPPs. What tokens are you most interested in?

LEO is #1 by daily volume: $7,379.52

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