My Hive Goals by Holdeck Week 0


A bit of context.

This is a brand new Leo account, set up with funds generated through staking, posts and interest on PeakD as well as Play2Earn Games. As I am going through the process of purchasing, finishing & furnishing our first home, I have had access to very limited funds since the start of my Hive journey in February of this year with Splinterlands. The process for the house began 3 years ago and hopefully will be completed by November of this year.

Back in February I began with around 145CP and a $10 hive account through Splinterlands. Today the picture is different. There will be much larger goals in place once I get closer to each goal.

The Assets to consider in the goals:

HIVE PowerHP Goal% to goal


Card PowerCard Value USDGoal% to Goal

I am really pleased with the progress with Splinterlands considering I've not been able to put too much by way of funds in. When I have had the occasional $10 dollars, I have invested that but I do not forsee any further FIAT investments until the house is ready and livable. Rising Star Game and Layer2Labs (Formerly SplinterLabs) have been been really helpful in renting to Silver. Just recently I opened a new Gladius pack with a few good cards that helped push me into Silver 3 Modern and 4k away from Silver 2.

Most of the progress in Splinterlands has come from posting the Battle Challenges and Social Media challenges. Going forward, my Social media posts will be going directly to HIVE goals and the Battle Challenges will be split from Splinterlands, Rising Star Game and Leo as needed each week based on the immediate needs etc.

Rising Star Game:

LevelTotal SkillPermanent FansEgoSkill Goal% to goal
Level 593585120013%500071.7%

As things stand with Rising Star Game Referral Link, I have been pushing my Ego too high until recently. My aim is to increase skill to around 5k as a medium term goal As I level up and gain further fans etc, this will need to change. I am currently utilising the funds from Rising Star Game to fund my LEO and WOO accounts to increase my holdings.


Leo PowerGoal% to Goal

So far, I have found Leo to be a very positive community of people who have inspired me to set goals for myself and work toward them. So with this in mind, I want to push myself with this goal and I have much larger goals in mind for future. These Hive Goal pdate posts will be supporting this goal and the big Hive Power goals directly. I would love to smash this goal before the end of 2022. I will be converting the HBD on this post to Leo every week.


WOO TokenGoal% to Goal

I quite like the look of this token for the medium term. The game will properly launch in Q4 of this year and the main token used to purchase is the WOO token. So I am hoping to see some returns here. I do have to thank one of my for a kind donation

Final Note:

I will check back in again next week with an update. I am expecting a quiet week this week with increases but I will be back to my usual posting schedule so expect increases in the following weeks to come.

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