UNI airdrop end with envy, regret and confusion?

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After the DEX leader Uniswap issued coins, 110 million UNIs have been airdropped for free, with a maximum value of nearly 1 billion US dollars.

This is probably the largest, most efficient, non-government-led "money-spending behavior" in human history. Many investors exclaimed, "If this is not a blockchain revolution, what is it?"

Indeed, in this round of Uniswap's massive airdrop, almost all 180,000 addresses that have interacted with Uniswap received 400 UNIs-a big red envelope with a maximum value of $3,560-more than the US government's relief funds during the new crown epidemic. Even more, the entire currency circle is caring about it.

As the airdrop came to an end, many sequelae appeared after the carnival. Some people were jealous because they were not eligible to receive UNI, some regretted it because they sold it early, and some people were immersed in the confusion of "whether value investment is outdated?" end?

Uniswap, a $1 billion airdrop spree

On September 17, the Uniswap protocol management token UNI was officially released on the Ethereum mainnet, with the Ethereum address 0x1f9840a85d5af5bf1d1762f925bdaddc4201f984.

After the launch of UNI tokens, OKEx and other leading  exchanges responded quickly and launched UNI spot trading pairs one after another. OKEx even launched leveraged trading and perpetual contract trading at the same time (both forward and reverse contracts are opened at the same time).

The initial supply of UNI is 1 billion, of which 60% will be allocated to Uniswap community members, 21.51% will be allocated to team members, 17.80% will be allocated to investors, and 0.69% will be allocated to consultants. Initially, UNI can be obtained through 4 liquid mining pools. After the initial 30-day governance grace period, UNI holders can vote to add more pools.


According to Uniswap's token distribution agreement, as long as the Ethereum address that has interacted with the Uniswap smart contract, after actively applying for it, 400 UNI airdrops can be obtained.

According to DuneAnalytics, as of September 21, 112,703,266 UNIs have been successfully applied for, and 182,931 addresses have successfully received UNI tokens. If calculated at the highest price of US$8.9, the money is close to US$1 billion.

Investors have benefited a lot from this airdrop war, and they have posted orders.

Etherscan data shows that Uniswap received the highest number of airdrop addresses this time with approximately 1.15 million UNI tokens, with a maximum value of 10.235 million US dollars. The second-ranked address has approximately 910,000 UNI tokens, with a maximum value of US$8.099 million.

As of 16:00 on September 17, Ethereum addresses starting with 0xd03f3e6 have received 1,158,433.53 UNI airdrops, with a current price of 3.91 million U.S. dollars. There are also 22 addresses with UNI airdrops of more than 100,000 and addresses with airdrops of more than 10,000. 175, and 6,690 addresses received UNI airdrops within 1,000. If calculated based on the UNI's highest price of US$8.9, these airdrops are all valuable.

During this process, some project parties' addresses also received a large number of airdrops.

For example, Sushiswap officially tweeted, thanking Uniswap for providing 130,000 UNI tokens. According to the current market price, this money can provide the Sushiswap development team with several months of financial support. Thanks to all Sushi fans.

This round of token airdrops triggered at least two results.

First of all, it caused a large number of users to lock the pledge, and the congestion of the transfer on the chain was obvious. The gas fee rose to 500Gwei, and the number of waiting package transactions was nearly 200,000 (usually 150,000).

Secondly, after Uniswap announced the UNI airdrop on September 17, the value of locked assets jumped from US$1 billion to US$2.2 billion. It took down the lost ground previously taken by Sushiswap and regained the iron throne of the DeFi project.

Although Uniswap has brought huge benefits to nearly 200,000 currency investors, it also left a sequelae, that is, as the airdrop comes to an end, some people are envied because they are not eligible to receive UNI, and some regret it because they sold it early. Some people are also immersed in the confusion of "whether value investment is outdated".


pretty interesting experiment: and it shakes the foundation of what we believe to have "value"

The uncertainty makes all airdrop recipients regret seeing the UNI price chart going to the moon for a few days.

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