April 2021 In Review

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I joined Hive halfway into March. I thought it would be fun to take a look back at the month and see what I have done and if I’ve accomplished my goals.

First, let me say that I love this community. Due to my busy schedule, I haven’t done a deep dive into that many groups, but all the ones I have looked at have been welcoming, kind, and focused on building each other up.

I started off doing daily blogs, posting to @actifit, and posting a few memes. I needed things to post about, and these seemed like a good place to start. This ended up being huge for me because I actually won a meme competition over at @memehub. Thank you again to @memehub, and @cmmemes for creating such a great community over there, and for picking my meme. Here is the meme that won me 50 Hive.

Same picture.jpg

I decided to reinvest that 50 Hive to help myself grow moving forward. The three most notable investments I made were.

  1. Buying more LENM miners from the @liotes project. This project is run by @achim03 and @ph1102. They are working hard to build Liotes into a fun, and profitable project. They are succeeding as well. I have already mined a small stash of LEN, and there are already use cases for the LEN I’ve earned. Most recently they have integrated with @risingstargame to make Booster packs buyable with LEN. They have also added digital items from multiple games for purchase and rent with LEN to their store. Such as Alien Worlds NFTs, Splinterlands cards, and most recently Splinterlands packs. If you haven’t taken a serious look at this project, you need to do so.

  2. This brings me to the second investment I made with my winnings I bought my Summoners Spell Book on Splinterlands. I have been playing ever since. I’m only Bronze II, but I’m in a guild I really like, Gladiators II. Thanks to @almightymelon for holding things together over there.

  3. I bought into the @solairitas project. With some of the rest of my earnings. This project is focused on building real-world solar/wind farms and then powering up the money made by the farms to upvote their investors. This is another good one to keep an eye on.

Along with Splinterlands, I’ve also dipped my toe into @risingstargame, and @holybread. I haven’t had time to do too much on them yet, but I have been enjoying my time there so far.

As the month moved on I found out about a new opportunity from the SMILE community. I was already doing their daily blog challenge, so I thought I would give it a try. The April Newbies Initiative is put on by the SMILE Community in partnership with @aliento. Its goal is to mentor and support new users. They select a small group and provide support both through upvotes and through a helpful community of experienced users. I was lucky enough to be selected, and have been doing my best to live up to the initiative. If you aren’t familiar with the SMILE community go check them out. There are some great people over there. Thank you to @aliento, @starstrings01, @tripode, and all the other people who keep that community running.

Graphic By: @tripode

As part of the newbies initiative, I made goals for April. They were;

  1. Have over 100 Hive Power

  2. Have 30 followers

I didn’t quite meet the second one, but thanks to the community I blew past the first. As of writing this, I have a little over 160 Hive Power.

As great as April was, I’m even more excited for May, so far I have been the only one blogging from this account, but my wife has been working on some blogs that I think will be really really good. I would also like to start posting my blog posts in Spanish and English to help them have a broader reach. If you have any online translators you recommend let me know.

My personal goals for May are to keep up with what I’m already doing and start branching into new things. The @leofinance community and Cub seem really interesting, and will probably be the next thing I dive into.

Thank you again to all of you here on Hive for making my first full month a great one. Here’s to many more.


Thanks for the mention and your kind words! I'm glad that you picked Liotes for one of your investments!

I didn't know that you are only a bit more than a month here and it looks like you are here for years! Nice to have you with us on Hive and good luck!


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Thanks a lot for mentionning the Liotes project. We are very happy to have you with us. Thank you for your support!

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