Financial Boundries - Invisibly Visible

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We all agree on the fact that some people live superior life because they are lucky to be born in a wealthy family or they could catch a great opportunity to get the show on the road at last. As the final group of people, the ones that grow their wealth illegally are, of course, excluded.

caste system in developing countries in the world.png

No words needed for the people mentioned above. They are living a different kind of life with higher life quality and increased responsibilities.

What about the others?

Are they live in equal conditions?

The Segment of More Equal Ones

When it comes to the plans of big cities, everybody knows that the places that are close to rivers, mountains, sea or the most expensive places, thus, they are owned by the wealthy, not rich!, people.

When we dive into the center of cities where people live in box-like homes and pay for the half of their salaries, the distinction between the people start to show up.



Here is one of the most famous photographs from Brazil showing the distinction between people from higher and lower financial status. As you move within the left part of the city, where people live in miserable life and fight with poverty since they were born, you will realize the shift in the occupations moving from service industry to works that require more muscle power.

Shift, Acceptance & Risk

cities that have poor and rich.jpg


The red circle that I spotted shows the place where people try to make living in livable conditions. That stage of life when people want to own a car, which has millions of versions, and a house, which is a must to survive. However, the expectation and plans push these people to take more risk, invest in more volatile assets and be scammed with get-rich-quick schemes.

In my opinion, this zone may reach severer life conditions from time to time when the case is compared to the ones only live in the forgotten parts of the city.

One last thing is that this zone is the sign that we, as human beings, are always in search of better things for ourselves. The departure from safe-zone may not always have happy ending.

Are We in the Red Zone?

I think the majority of us are dwelling in this zone with pure hope for a future. The red zone, or the bridge, spots the situation of many crypto minded people.

We are aware of the boundaries that are set for us and we are in search of another option to change our ways of lives. Maybe one of the most risky assets, a.k.a crypt, are the ones that we keep piling up with our fiat money. Though a great percentage of these people are deceived by scams, pump and dumps or unrealistic returns for their crypto investments, the others who search, follow and invest wisely are more likely to grow their portfolio to increase their life quality.

Basics of Industrial Cities

Imagine you get off the bus in the main street of one of these cities. Turn around and check the profile of people who lives in the houses that you see. Mainly these guys are working in service sectors; they have a small business or they are lucky to get these buildings earlier.

As you pass streets and move through the densely populated, green-less places, you can clearly see those who work to feed their family for tomorrow. These are the areas that are seen as dangerous to visit or not suitable to live in. Year by year the population consists of people with similar occupations / salary ranges. Since it is not easy for them to invest for mid-long term, they can hardly cope with the financial problems in economy.

Financial Boundaries

Let's assume that people with lowest salary range are paid 1000x fiat money each month. As the inflation rate increases, they have to give up some extra expenses in their lives. Yet, as the inflation, the pandemic and commodity prices keep increasing, their purchasing power starts diminishing gradually.

Once a person could buy 1 kg lemon for 2x money, now it is sold for double price. However, the salary is still 1000x. As the cases follow one another in a similar way, there is no escape from the maze for these people. The financial boundaries are tight enough to keep you in the same segment.

Outliers. (Are We?)

The outliers, who are represented above in the red circle, are the ones who were capable of giving a try to live a worthy life. However, these guys are quite few in number and they are vagrants who cannot adapt themselves to either above or lower segment classes. Thus, it can be more painful for these people. In the end, as far as my observation, the vast majority of them go back to the lower class while the least common group of people become managers in a company...

So, am I right to feel lost, homeless or untidy?
Are we living the conditions predetermined and served by some people?

For the developing countries, the collapse of fiat money will be quite painful... I can easily feel and observe it even when I step into the street and look around.

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