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Hello to all the readers.

Its been a week since my last update.
So, let me give you some updates.

Yes, It has been a steady week.
Staking most of the tokens and growing steadily.
Purchased a few DHedge and HE Index tokens.
Also, purchased few HiveHustlers Miners. The project is back on track and expecting great development.

TokenGoallast WeekToday% Achieved
Hive Power5000555.495569.41911.38%
CTP Power50000225012300146.00%
Leo Power100020.78821.3532.13%
Sports Power500000112112.635113933.4622.78%
Actifit Token100002958.3143061.1130.61%
CTP Miners35014114140.28%
CTPSB tokens10038.6938.6938.69%
HE tokens250506024%
DHedge Tokens20091.157101.19850.599%

Note: I have not yet decided on the goals for HiveHustlers Miners. Will add once i get more inputs.

RisingStarGame - Reached level 17. (will do a seperate post with more details)
DCity - Only one hotel. Currently on hold.

Followers on Peakd:
Goal - 500 Followers
Current - 89 Followers & 119 Following [added only 2 followers this week]

Thank you for reading my post

Have a nice day.

Farhad Kias

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