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RE: Life update: When fate fucks you in every possible way...Seems like giving your 100% every single day is just not enough.

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This story calls for a four letter word, fuck that sucks. Our situation pales in comparison. But personally, having to quit my job to homeschool our youngest took a toll. It hurt our family finances, though we'll recover because of my wife's job.

Other than that, it's been nothing but a mindfucking frustrating hassle every step of the way. Our youngest returned to school. Can I look for work? Nope. One sign of sickness and he has to stay home until Covid tests come back.

Then my wife went to Mexico for some Dental work and caught Covid. So...two weeks not being able to leave the house was fun. Super infectious? Not either of the kids or I ended up contracting it.

I don't have too much crypto in my bags...maybe more than some people. But if it weren't for this place to write and talk to other people while earning crypto, I would have gone crazy. Sorry to hear about your business and relationship. Hang in there. I've seen the HIVE Community step up to help people until they get back on more stable financial ground.

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Thanks my friend. I didn't write this down to ask for help though. Others among us need way more help than I do. Especially people who live in South America...

It saddens me though emptying my crypto bags and not being able to save my business. I'll survive from this shit :)

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Hope all's well with you...been a while since you've been active!

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I was thinking the same thing, I hope that he is fine, he was quite active in here for a long time