My dCity update #4

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I thought I would post another update. I have been buying cards through dCity the last few days. I’ve also been buying cards on the market, mostly to get people to fill the jobs.

I’ve got a little over 900 SIM as income. At some point I hope to get that over 1k, probably by next Monday. If the first edition sales hold out, I have a stipend starting in the next month or so. I intend to bring some of it to Hive and then some to the game. If first edition are no longer sold then second and third will be the plan. Depending on what third edition cards look like.

I can not transfer cards to my second account. I’m not sure if it’s not possible on my iPhone. I might have to do the game on my laptop to see if I can do it there.

If I did nothing else from now on, I’d be earning 327k of SIM a year if nothing changed. Of course I’m currently putting it back into the game. Thanks for reading!!


I see you're going strong on factories, I like the bang for the buck you can get with weed dispensaries. Triple 10 all around. I recently started investing in farms as well, with the tech card, they are also a good, balanced choice.

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Thanks for the reply! I have also been thinking the Farms plus Tech would be a good idea. Just on the surface there are cards that have a nice SIM to pops ratio. But those tech boosts can be amazing, like factories and automation. !tan

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Your city is shaping up nicely. Almost 1k SIM per day is a good return. It is tough to understand all aspects of the game. Due to that, I missed out on earning SIM using tech cards. I recovered but I should have done that early.

Thanks for the reply! I wish I had discovered the game a couple of months ago when I had a little extra cash. Everything I've been using to buy the cards I had already earmarked for increasing my HP. A couple of months ago I would have been able to put another $300 USD into Hive. Oh well, hindsight is 20/20 as they say. I am quite pleased the income is almost 1k.