How to burn LEO token via promoting your post on

Talking about killing two birds with a stone,that is what it means when it is possible for you to burn LEO tokens while also promoting your contents via burning of the LEO token....

Incase you do not understand what token burning means,you can check my post here concerning it....

This is easy to do though I noticed that there are so many people that do not know how to achieve that so that is why I have decided to create this post to quickly inform them..

To get started,..First of all ,ensure that you already have your post ready...

Then send the amount of the LEO token which you want to burn,send it to the account which is @null you can check profile

When sending the LEO token to the @null account,under the "memo" you will use the link to the post which you want to promote as the memo when sending the LEO to the @null account

After you have done this ,your post will be under promoted post and you will get more visibility on your post,and also you have just burnt some LEO tokens and made contributions to help make LEO become more valuable...and that would also help to make the LEO price to gain more value too...

Thanks for reading

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