My Stock Portfolio Journal – 16th September 2020 yield (-$519.54 -8.96%) | Little Movement

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This is the daily journal for my stock portfolio with the progress of it, acquisitions, sales, transactions and everything around it. It is not a short term investment and I plan to hold the stocks for at least one year. Only if there is something real bad with one of my asset will exit the market, otherwise I will let it float.

Portfolio updates and new moves on the market:

  • Some good news as Bell-Boeing JV wins $16M contract to support MV-22 Program, but that just made a dent in the movement of BA stocks. AAL and AMRX shown some positive movements with +5%, while the others took a step back. Still counting my days to sell CIG and get involved in other stock which I believe will get better earning, so stay tuned to watch my next market move.

NYSE stock portfolio yield (-$519.54 -8.96%):

Current NYSE stock portfolio and reasoning for entering each asset:

  • NIO (NIO Inc)
    -- Chinese electric car manufacturer, competing against TESLA which just secured $1 billion in investments from state-owned companies in Heifi, removing liquidity risks going into next year
  • ATVI (Activision Blizzard)
    -- Launch of the Call of Duty Warzone – Season 4 – scheduled for 03-June-2020
  • AAPL (Apple Inc)
    -- Stock split which will allow more investors to buy in and should drive the price up
  • BA (Being Co)
    --Part of the NASA's commercial crew program to fly into space
  • CIG (Comp En De Mn Cemig)
    -- Brazilian energetic company with reinvigorating activity after restarting their economy
  • AMRX (Amneal Pharma)
    -- This pharmaceutical company is expected to earn $0.53 per share for the fiscal year ending December 2020, which represents a year-over-year change of 51.4%
  • AAL (American Airline)
    -- Airline industry gets back on track and gains momentum. As it dropped while the pandemic restrictions, together with the flights having the green light it is normal to recoup the share prices at least up to 80% from before the crisis.
  • SPOT (Spotify Technology SA)
    -- Spotify is the best music platform out there and it moved to additional services as well - lyrics, podcast and soon video. It has the ground to be a great company and out rich all media aspects, thus an investment for the future.
  • HTZ (Hertz Global Holdings)
    -- Car renting company, a leader in the world which from June and accelerating in July will resume all its business. As the stock price has fallen very much (0.56$) and considering the price before the crisis at over 20$, it is still a good investment. Decided to exit this investment as the company filled for bankruptcy.

The rules I am guiding myself when investing and enriching my portfolio are:

  • Research and analysis before buying any stock
  • Portfolio target is to be comprised between 10 – 20 different stock assets
  • 200$ investment per asset as basis, more based on market opportunities
  • Long term investment, while looking for market exit based triggers if it is the case

Hopefully the information presented is useful enough and stay close to watch my next moves.

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