2021 Investment Goals - Progress report



With this account I want to show that it is possible to build an online business/investment portfolio without any fiat money invested at the start.

This year I want to keep growing, using what I’ve learned in the past year. By setting goals I also want to prevent myself from spreading myself too thin or focusing on inferior goals.

These are my goals:

  • 10,000 CTP staked
    Goal reached!

  • 2000 base sim income for my dcity
    I believe dcity is still the best passive income generator on the entire hive blockchain. I believe if I keep reinvesting my sim income it will be possible to reach this goal.

  • 500 Leo power. The leofinance team are rolling out awesome updates constantly. I want to support that and take part in it.

  • 1000 hive power
    I’ll set the rewards for my blogging to 100% hive power. So if I manage to get back into regularly posting blogs, then it should be a good goal.

Passive investment tokens:

  • 250 Mpath tokens
  • 250 Dhedge tokens
  • 20 BRO
  • 25 UTOPIS

Currently my holdings are:

  • Hive Power: 734,040
  • CTP: Goal reached!
  • Leo: 287
  • Mpath: Goal reached!
  • Dhedge: Goal reached!
  • Bro: Goal reached!
  • Utopis: Goal reached!
  • Dcity base income: 1263

My Big Hairy Audacious Goal:

  • Road to dolphin (5000 Hive Power): 14,68%

Growth needed to reach goal by the end of the year:

  • Hive Power: 12,09 per week
  • Ctp stake: Goal reached!
  • Leo stake: 9,68 per week
  • Mpath: Goal reached!
  • Dhedge: Goal reached!
  • Bro: Goal reached!
  • Utopis: Goal reached!
  • Dcity base income: 29,48 per week

Since I have now reached the CTP goal, I will start using 50% of my CTP rewards to fund my other goals. The remaining 50% will be powered up to keep increasing my CTP stake.

As I have now reached my dividends tokens goals I only have my Hive and Leo goal left.

I have also decided to use my sim income from dcity to get Dhedge to get more DHEDGE, as I have decided to pause my dcity goal. I am not selling my cards, but I am taking profit on the SIM income. If you want top do the same then all you have to do is send your SIM directly to @discohedge. You will then automatically receive Dhedge tokens in return.

This week I made some really nice income on Risingstar again and this combined with the passive income from my dividends tokens I am confident that I will reach the LEO power goal soon. Which leaves the last few month’s of the year to go fully for the Hive token goal.

Well, that’s it for this week.

Thank you for the support guys, you make all the difference. Let’s grow together!

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