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RE: Do You Buy dCity Cards Randomly Or From The Market?

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Generally I do the same. Sometimes I do a swap, so I sell 3 wind turbines and exchange them for a restaurant, rather than buying a random card, because then I might get a wind turbine again 😅

And when I do need population, then I do buy cards on the market, since those cards are generally cheaper in the market.

When my dcity is balanced though and I have 800 sim again, then I buy a random card again.


Selling 3 wind turbines, then buying random cards, wind turbines show up again is a nightmare. lol...

Now SIM income-generating cards price is higher. Considering that, I sometimes buy random cards. For population cards, buying from the market is the best choice right now.

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Yes it is, so I played it safe and bought at restaurant from the market.