HIVE MARKET : Take advantage of the low HBD Price

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Take advantage of the low HBD Price

Hello HIVE People.

Just want to remind you all that while our market is down, that's a great opportunity to potentially buy the HIVE BACKED DOLLARS (HBD) at a steal of a deal.

At the time of writing this, HBD is down -7.5% and HIVE is only down -5.2%.

This can create a potential good opportunity for you to leverage our internal market.

Buy low and sell high.


100 hive at this rate would be 25.555 HBD

When the price of HBD goes back up to $0.95 or above, you can buy back HIVE at a net gain of HIVE (*Depending on what the price of HIVE does).

100 HIVE at .232 = $23.20
100 HIVE at .25 = $25.00

25.555 HBD at a HBD price of $ 1 (Assuming HIVE is at .23 still) brings you a net gain of 11 hive.

Here is the math I am using on this
(Amount of HBD you have) / (HBD PRICE) / (Price of HIVE) = return in HIVE.

The other option would be if the price of HIVE keeps dipping and the price of HBD rebounds first, this will make another buying opportunity for hive.

My point being don't forget about our internal marketplace and using that to leverage potential gain in your overall holdings.


What do you think.

  • How would you best leverage this opportunity?

Thanks for taking the time to read I hope this at least inspires you to be creative with the way you could benefit from using HIVE.

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Nice strategy there Tim, I bought some 50 Hive yesterday and 100 the previous day though still on Bittrex exchange. I might want to flip a couple of times before moving it over to Hive.

NICE! Yes, flipping on the exchanges is a great way to go as well, just looks like the opportunity with this is good, so who knows. :)

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It's an interesting strategy, indeed... I have never messed up with HBD/HIVE pair trading on the internal market... I do understand the logic, but never tried out trading...

Usually, I'm doing a bit of trading on Bittrex on Hive/BTC pair...

You can also buy cheap HBD and convert it to hive worth of $1.

I recommend using for quick HIVE <-> HBD swaps :)

Oh Yea, thats right. TIPu For the win!