NomadTask is good or not ?

in LeoFinancelast month

This website to perform tasks and be paid or vice versa, create tasks to attract a desired audience in exchange for payment, is not very well known.


Before, the website had the name of “Review Hunt Town” which in its time became well known but many users stopped using it for various reasons, of which I think the main ones were:

  • The price of the "HUNT" coin
  • Currency volatility
  • Irregular payment for tasks
  • The difficulty to sell your coins
  • The high commissions they charged to exchange them for bitcion


The commissions to withdraw are higher, which is very unusual but at the same time understandable due to its little impact on the market. Not many currencies can compete at par with ETH.

The but news for me is that the HUNT coin had an incredible rise never seen before and by the time I checked the wallet transactions I wanted to die for having sold my coins instead of saving.


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