2 Reasons Why I Think LeoFinance Will Replace Forbes Magazine in a Few Years

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If you are a person interested in entrepreneurship/finance or just business, you must be(or have been) an ardent follower/reader of either Forbes Magazine or Entrepreneur Magazine.

Truth be told I have followed Forbes magazine for a long time now until I got fed up and ditched it a few days ago!!! Now me ditching them does not mean they have lost or something like that.


We all know( or if you didn't) that Forbes Magazine is a magazine that basically focuses on business, investing, technology, entrepreneurship, leadership.....this is clearly shown in the image below which is a screenshot from Google.
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I also know many of us know Forbes as the Magazine that kinda classifies the world's billionaires!!

I grew up knowing that it is Forbes Magazine that announces the world's billionaires and keeps updating us on who has moved up or down the ranks!

I am writing this post of how I see LeoFinance might substitute Forbes in the near future.

Let me give a brief intro of what LeoFinance is for those not familiar with.

LeoFinance is basically a community for crypto and financial content. It is where you can find content about the different kinds of crypto like bitcoin, Ehereum, Litecoin, etc.

You can also find info related to economics, finance, trading, stocks, money, and many more financial and entrepreneurial related topics.

LeoFinance is a community or blogging platform under the Hive Blockchain

Leofinance has its own token called Leo, you can read more about Leofinance and its dynamics by visiting leopedia
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Why I Think LeoFinance Will Overtake Forbes in a Few Years

I have to admit that this is a tough goal or feat to achieve, but as we have repeatedly been told "Nothing Is Impossible" so who knows.

I know Forbes is a legacy established company that is over a century old and it is not that easy to topple such a company!

1.LeoFinance is Not Political

You read that right, Leofinance is not political or leaning to the left or right!!

Did y'all notice how Forbes Magazine, a magazine supposed to be posting about entrepreneurship/finance became so political towards the US Elections???

I used to follow them on both Twitter and Facebook until I had to unfollow because of the constant criticism or attack they had on Donald Trump!!!

Now I happen to be a big fan of Donald Trump and that constant criticism had a toll on me.

Hey, you might now be saying, "so you think Forbes being anti-Trump will make it fail??"

What I know is that there are 2 topics that people attach themselves too emotionally to and that is religion and politics(or political party).

I will not dig deep the archive on the many posts Forbes talked negatively about Trump, but if you are an ardent Forbes follower/reader then you must have seen many of these.

Since I cannot dig up old articles, I just went to their Facebook and guess what, Trump articles are still posted(remember Trump is no longer the president).

This one below was posted just an hour ago!!
Screenshot 20210206 030011.png

There is another one here posted 4 hours ago still on Trump!!!
Screenshot 20210206 030225.png

Now I understand that there might be many articles talking about Trump, but how is that related to what we know Forbes of ie a company that focuses on business, investing, and entrepreneurship???

As I kept on scrolling I saw another post(about 5 hours ago) about Trump, at least this one has the word "business" in the title haha.
Screenshot 20210206 030628.png
Now, this is the last post I am putting up here, of course, there are numerous articles praising President Biden and there were many too even before the election!

Now as you can see from above, I am an ardent Trump fan(as many as others), and the more I see such stuff the more I back off from the platform!!

If you have followed Forbes lately, there are many articles which you can also see that are not worth to be posted there!!

In my opinion, Forbes in the last years has been reduced to mainstream media like CNN!!

The beauty with Leofinnce is that when you visit their website, you will not find any politics(politics often divides people btw by) articles, you will only find posts about finance, business, stocks, or entrepreneurship.

I have just realized that I have written a lot of stuff and it seems I am so emotional with Forbes hahaha.

2. Decentralized/Various Experiences

The other reason I think Leofinance will overtake Forbes in the near future is because of decentralization!!!!

For the uninitiated, decentralization simply means having no central authority or overseer.
In Leofinance anyone can post about their experience with business, crypto, blockchain, trading, etc.

I guess with Forbes there has to be a central editor or someone who must first approve the content(if politically correct haha) before being posted.

Leofinance gives the average everyday person the ability to post about their real-life experiences in business, crypto, or any particular endeavor they are engaged in.
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We all know that human beings connect with those who connect with them, what do I mean by this???

If I read a post by a person who began trading with $100 and made some profits if I am also a person whose finances range in the $100 zone then I will easily connect with this person and replicate what they did.

I have read countless stories on Forbes of folks who began in garages and they do not relate to me at all coz I even do not have a car hahaha.

You all know of the big tech stories of how they began in garages, not all people in the world ow such so they cannot relate to the posts.

The beauty with Leofinace is that it has people of diverse experiences like me myself, I am from Africa, to be precise Uganda!!!

I can inspire most average Ugandans to get into crypto because they identify with me!!

There are also people here who invest in thousands or even millions and they too inspire that group of people.

So generally there's a big community here that can help an average investor in their particular endeavor.

In conclusion, I think decentralization will take over the world in the next few words and if you are not part of this movement then join us asap.

Signing Up On LeoFinace

It is all easy go to the LeoFinance website and click on Get Started
Select the method you want to use to open your account and any option you choose will help you create an account.

Damn, I almost forgot that you can even earn the Leofinance token Leo by you posting and commenting about your experiences on Leofinance.

How could I even forget about the money part, maybe because I used not to earn when I used to read the Forbes articles haha.

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So what are your thoughts on this???

Jarau Moses

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I pretty much agree with your reasons and I would add that the quality info you may find here is very useful even for rookies. Regards champ!

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The number of high-quality articles here is really insane and that is because of the loving community who are willing to share their experiences freely.

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I dig it. Always able to find high quality detailed content regarding finance and crypto on #leofinance

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True there is so much high-quality content here from many people of different backgrounds.

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