Are You In Crypto To Get Rich or For The Freedom(and decentralization)?

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I know this is a tough question for anyone in crypto, but it is worth answering and knowing where you fall!!

There have been numerous unending debates on this just like the Messi Vs Ronaldo debate haha...

We all know or should know that the people who started or created bitcoin ie Satoshi Nakamoto did it for freedom..

We have always read that Bitcoin was started so that a system of money is created that is not controlled by any nation or government, they wanted to be free from government control.

As I was scrolling on Twitter a few moments ago, I came across this tweet by a legendary trader by the names of EmperorBTC.

Let me quote the tweet

In crypto, your first priority is to make yourself, your friends and family rich, ethically.
Keep arguments for later.
Will it change the world?
Will it bank the bank-less?
Will it replace fiat?
Keep the above philosophy for later.
First get rich, then change the world.

He states that in crypto, our number one priority is to make ourselves, our friends and family rich ethically then change the world later.

If you check out the tweet properly, somewhere he states that "keep arguments for later"

I know many of us entered the space not really for the money, but for how Bitcoin can change the world, decentralization and freedom.

So I am posing this question, did you join the space to get rich or for the decentralization part of it.



We all(I assume) love money and it is our greatest motivator and it is something that can be counted!!

It is easy to know that we have earned or lost $5 hence it gives us both a success and failure measurement!

I know the people who answered that they are in the space for the money will be scoffed at, but they have a point.

I have realized that money brings freedom! So the more money the more freedom a person has with their time.

So can it be possible to be in the space for both money and freedom??

The best illustration of the "riches" in crypto and how crypto helps people get rich is well demonstrated by Venezuela.

I have read countless stories of how crypto has helped many Venezuelans who have had hyperinflation for years.

You need to make a simple Google search about Venezuela's economic situation to understand the previous paragraph better.

Again I realized that crypto has not made Venezuelans rich(also depends on your rich metric ), but made them earn good income through crypto.

I read a post weeks ago here by a Venezuelan that said that the average salary there is a meagre one fucking dollar as in $!!!!

I have failed to get the link to the post where this Venezuelan said that she made 20 months worth of salary from one post here, the user is @celi130, you can check out her posts to get a feel of what life is in Venezuela.

I guess people like @celi130, are in crypto to change their lives which might to necessarily mean riches in the broader use of the word.

So to her Crypto is both for riches and also freedom and not primarily decentralization.

To people in third world countries like mine, decentralization does not really make sense at the start of the crypto journey.

I personally joined crypto because I was promised I was going to earn(riches) some money, I got to like decentralization after being lured by the money!!

So I can confidently say I am in for the riches but got hooked by the decentralization philosophy later!!

In many most third world countries, earning money is really a big problem with the high unemployment rates.

So let me ask again, what motivated you to join Crypto, the riches or decentralization???

I am also sure that there genuinely many people who joined the crypto space because of the decentralization part of it.

The is a big number of people who have lots of money, but just love decentralization and are in the space not for the money.


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This group of people are the freedom fighters and are tired of being under the harsh chains of governments!

They do not like how governments work and are willing to create a solution for others.

We have all seen how some oligarchs(if that is the right word) like Facebook and Twitter have exerted their power over others to the extent of even banning a sitting US President(Trump by then) from their platforms.

So for the folks who joined the space because of freedom and decentralization, such actions by Facebook and Twitter motivate them to create solutions for others.

No matter which side of the coin you fall, we are in crypto to change the world either by getting rich or promoting decentralization.

As stated in the tweet above, the author encourages us to make ourselves, our family and friends rich! Which is a noble goal to be honest.

I once read a quote that went something like this,

The best way of helping the poor is not by being poor yourself!!

So that means that to change the world we have to start by doing it individually by making ourselves, friends and family rich.

The more we individuals, friends and families are rich, the more that spreads and changes the whole world.

The best way of changing the world is by you individually getting rich yourself....!!!!

We should not beat around the bush with this, if I and my 5 friends are rich and we replicate that to each of my 5 friends, then the network grows and we change the world.

So again, are you in crypto to get rich or for freedom (decentralization)???

Let me wait for your comments below and we take this discussion further.

Remember people are more concerned about their own personal economies than the economies of governments!!!

Jarau Moses

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Hello, I got here for the money, for the rewards. When I started at Hive it was a bit hard, but through my dedication and commitment I was getting rewards much better than paying my salary, until it was time to quit my job I earned more doing post than working as an assistant in a A public government entity that paid me $ 1 a month, where I had a fixed schedule of 8 hours a day, a bad boss who did not value work.

I am still here because of the economic stability that it has provided me, because of the commitment to the platform, because it is free of censorship, I can freely express how my country is without the fear that I will be eliminated or silenced.

This is the post you mention, it was the first time that I won so much in a reward and I owe everything to Leofinace and its users who have guided me in a different way and stake a little of that wealth and thus obtain tomorrow a Financial Freedom. Thank you for your mention and supporting Venezuelans.

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Thanks for sharing the post here, I now believe that the average salary is $1!

I am happy because Hive is helping you changing your life financially and no one can censor your posts about the dire situation in Venezuela.

Just keep working hard and keep introducing Hive to your country people.

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Getting rich is a given in crypto. Just get active and keep filling the bags and it will happen.

Thus start changing the world. It starts with understanding the shift from scarcity to abundance.

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True, we just need to keep filling our bags and wait to see what happens in the next years.

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I am most definitely here for the money. The community too of course, cause the community is worth money HAHAHAAHA. I make you rich you make me rich and they make us rich while we make them rich. I LOVE the community.

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The comments so far are many for making people rich hehe..
Let us all make each other rich and change the world.....

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Well good reasoning, many come here for the money even me, but there is something that has kept me here and besides the decentralization, is the freedom to invest money because in my country to do something like this requires a lot of paperwork and bureaucracy that ends up drowning your investment. That's why I'm here.

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You are right about the freedom to easily invest money.

Even in my country Uganda here,it is not easy to invest, a lot of procedures have to be followed just like opening a bank need an introduction letter from the local council 1, National ID or passport!

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Exactly, so many procedures that sometimes it is ridiculous to think why they ask for so many things, but rich or powerful people are not asked for any of this.

That's why I prefer to stay with crypto.

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Indeed crypto is the equalizer that bridges the gap between the poor and rich in the world!

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I think of it as future proofing. If the world is going to shift from fiat to crypto its not going to be a smooth transition. Packing your bags now means you have a softer landing when the balance shifts.

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I am in crypto for everything it will bring my way.
Give millions I’ll take it.
Freedom welcome.
So far the learning experience is another level.
I continue to upgrade for one reason.
Stay ahead and make things easy long term.
Crypto is alive.


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Yes I am also for whatever opportunities crypto presents as long as they enrich us and our families, thanks for the beer !!

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As many have said - I came here for the money and stayed for the community and the technology. Peace!

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Peace and love....

I'm here for the opportunities. Getting rich is part of the process.

The opportunities are really immense since we are still early in the space.

The money will indeed come along the way

I am here for the freedom of expression but at the same time to get the steady and regular income from the crypto currencies is also essential to support the freedom of expression.

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True, I also love the non censorship here and obviously the added bit of earning from my content.

I think by now over 90% of the market participants are only active in this market for monetary reasons. Be it on Hive, on Reddit, in the DeFi area or as far as all the NFTs are concerned. I think that the visionaries who believe in creating a system that serves society (not the other way around) are vanishingly small and their share of the total is constantly dwindling. That's normal somewhere.

I found it quite interesting to watch interviews with people who initially hoped for a decentralised internet, a "freedom of information", and in retrospect draw the drastic conclusion that they have achieved nothing in this direction. Just look at the big players. Google is enough to give you an idea for this statement.

At the moment, you can take a look at the BSC. All these projects that are starting up - what's the core of it? To make money. No one is interested in the fact that the entire decision-making power within the network is in the hands of Binance. Some still celebrate it as a "big step in the right direction". Look at Safemoon, go to Reddit. What's it about? Money. It's a game.

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True, the bigger percentage is now concentrating on money.
I saw Safemoon and now Shibu Inu and guess what such projects make also want to ape in them so that I can make a quick back though I am here for the long run.

I am being tempted to tap into that money to, if you have ideas let me know...

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I think a lot of people get into crypto because of the promise of riches (myself included), but a lot of people do dive deeper into the utilization and true purpose of decentralization. Personally, I invest in projects that I feel would make a huge difference in the world. But, to do so, I needed to invest in coins that were on the verge of pumping, so that's how I divide my capital. Whatever gains I get is what I invest in projects I'm passionate about, then I cycle my initial capital on project which have projected gains.

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Wow, I like your style, so do you have any recommendations of coins on the verge of pumping??

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I don't really give out financial advice, but the two coins that occupy a huge percentage of my port are ADA and VET. I like their fundamentals and the charts are not bad.

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I came for the money but I found out that crypto is much bigger than that.

That being said, I don't think we have to choose one or the other. That's the beauty of crypto: it's an abundance game and we can and should have both!

I don't have any problems with people that want to get rich, the real problem is that in the current system we live in, that's only possible to a few, while in crypto I believe that more people can get there if that's what they wish.

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We can actually wish or strive for both and you are right crypto has given many people to change their lives unlike with the current corrupted government systems.

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Money buys freedom tbh. I get rich, and I get freedom.

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True bro, any shitcoins making you rich that side??

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Originally I came here for money but i stayed for the technology. The decentralisation and the believe of how it could impact the future kept me glued

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Hey @jaraumoses, here is a little bit of BEER from @pouchon for you. Enjoy it!

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For me it's both. For most it's the former. The more and more Doge and cumrocket and "insert shitcoin name" mania go on, I lose faith in people actually caring anything else but making a quick buck. Which is quite unfortunate.

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