Can Hive Become The Google of The Blockchains?

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I have been on the Hive blockchain for a long time now and I am seeing many comparisons with Google or better still Alphabet!

I did a quick Google search and got this Wikipedia result

Alphabet Inc. is an American multinational conglomerate headquartered in Mountain View, California. It was created through a restructuring of Google on October 2, 2015, and became the parent company of Google and several former Google subsidiaries.

I know most folks do not know that Google's parent company is called Alphabet, it is great you have now known.

So in summary Alphabet is a collection of companies with Google of course the biggest.

In this post, I will ignore using Alphabet and will only concentrate on Google which most of us know.

We all know that Google has a host of many Apps like Gmail, Docs, Drive, Duo, Youtube, Fit, Meet etc
I made that image above through canva where I tried adding the commonly used Dapps in one image.

The Hive blockchain has many Dapps and obviously, they could not fit in one image!

Can Hive Become The Google of The Blockchain

We all know how Google is the king of the internet, almost everyone on the internet has a Gmail account and that one account can access lots of applications.

I have not ventured deeply into other blockchains to find out if they are doing something similar to Hive.

In comparison to Google, Hive has as many Dapps as Google!!

In using Google, your one Gmail account gives you access to all other Apps like Youtube, Meet, Hangout, Play, Google TV, Fit, Maps and many more that can be found on the Google products page

Do you see what I am seeing?
In comparison to Hive, one Hive account can also give you access to a host of Dapps like @Actifit @sportalksocial @leofinance @stemeeks @chary and many more.

The same way we innocently sign up for a Gmail account not knowing the potentialities it has on the internet is the same way we sign up for a Hive account not knowing that one day it will enable us to connect the Hive blockchain to Ethereum and now with the Binance Smart chain!

Google Fit Vs Actifit

There are also direct comparisons of Google Apps to Hive Dapps, Google Has Google Fit and Hive has @Actifit where you are paid to do physical exercise!

Google Fit just records your daily exercises and gives you recommendations, all Android users have the App on their phones though they did not know when they signed for the gmail account!

I have been an active Actifit member from the time they launched 3 years ago and have over 100K Actifit tokens, you just download the App and log in using your Hive details and begin tracking your physical activities.

Actifit is an innovative Dapp which rewards your daily activity. You can download Actifit mobile apps and track how many movements and steps you have done using an accelerometer. At the end of the day, your goal is to make 5000 or more steps. It is awesome because it will help you to stay fit and you can get paid for it as well!

So what is better, Google Fit or Actifit, you decide for yourself!

Do you see what I am seeing? Do you think that people with time will want to have their physical activities monetized?

If yes then they will flock to Actifit to have their activities monetized even if it is only $1 per day or week!!

Youtube Vs 3Speak

Another close comparison is Youtube, Hive Blockchain has its own version called @threespeak.

We all know how Youtube works and how it censors people left-right, if they do not agree with your content, they remove you from the platform.

It also needs a lot of work to monetize your content there, you need 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours in a 12 month period

In comparison, on Hive we have 3Speak whereby there is no censorship and you can start earning from the word go!!

You just go to the website and use your Hive log in details and post your video, boom.

Do you think people will abandon Youtube with time and maybe run to Hive, no one knows for sure.

Let me ask again, can Hive become the Google of the Blockchains?

Google Finance Vs LeoFinance

Another close comparison is Google Finance and Leofinance, for Google Finance, you just consume the data and cannot participate directly.

The data is from a few "experts" while with Leofinance, anyone can post their experiences with Finance or crypto and earn.

I am not sure, but it seems the Hive folks keep mirroring Google Apps unknowingly!!

It is fascinating to note that most of the Apps on Google are also on Hive blockchain.

Google Blogger Vs Hive Blog

We all know Google blogger, In fact, it was the first blogging platform I used in 2015, obviously, there was no pay.

In the Hive blog we are paid for writing.

Remember in all these, both Google and Hive need one account to access the other Apps/Dapps.

So my question again is Hive secretly becoming the Google of the blockchains??

Another fascinating thing about Hive is that you can practically write about anything and earn cryptocurrency.

If you look at the first image above, it has logos of many tribes/communities on Hive.

If you love sports, STEM, Crypto, travelling, natural medicine, games or even weed, you can earn money by literally writing about your passion.

I have a feeling that Hive can become the Alphabet of blockchains in the near future the way Google is king to the internet.

So what is your say on this? Am I over exaggerating or realistic and in what time frame can this happen.

Jarau Moses

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I see this as the web3.0 but what google did was used webbots to crawl and create directories of web pages. We dont need to do that exactly, but we should try to use more links to tie our own web pages on Hive together. I like that the leofinance auto generates a link to the post or comment when you post, its very handy.

It really does not matter what Google did, all I was saying is can we(Hive) get the dominance Google has on the internet??

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This is a fabulous comparison, however i feel that we need a greater level of a search engine to dig deep into the content that is being generated on hive or sports or on ctp.

True, I have not yet seen a search engine of sorts on Hive yet

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