Hive Birthday: Thanks Nathanmars/Dhenz For 3,777 HP Delegation

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I am so happy because I have celebrated the Hive's birthday with so much joy!

We all know that Hive was born this time last year as a fork from Steemit after the hostile takeover by Justin Sun.

I remember vividly the fight the Hive community engaged in especially on Twitter.

The community fought hard until we secured our own chain which is Hive, a big thanks to all who fought the good fight.


I take this opportunity again to wish every Hive member a first year birthday.

I am honoured to be among the winners of Hive Power delegation from the legendary @nathanmars and @dhenz

I remember Nathan Tweeting that he was looking for people to delegate HP too, I remember commenting on that tweet.

I have looked for the tweet but failed to see it because he tweets a lot hehe.

The HP delegation is for people who are actively promoting and posting Hive on Twitter.

I am really happy to have won this delegation and will now put it into good use.

A big thanks to @nathanmars and @dhenz again for this 3777 HP delegation, let me continue shilling Hive on Twitter.

I made this quick post to thank everyone who has contributed to Hive's stability.

I am also happy to have won 6 CUB from a giveaway organized by @crytalhuman.

What a great way to start a new Hive year.

Happy Birthday Hive once again

Jarau Moses

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congrats man and use that delegation wisely!

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Keep up the good work bro

2021 is a massive year for our global Hive community

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