This is How You Can Stake Multiple Hive Engine Tokens at once!

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It is really fascinating to be on Hive these days!
You cannot believe that you can actually earn different tokens by just using specific tags.

I know if you have been here long enough then you have a multitude of those small tokens that you might want to stake or power-up.

My Hive Engine Tokens
In this post, I will show you a simple tool that can help you stake most or all of your HE tokens.

Steps To Stake Multiple HE Tokens at once

You just have to visit a website called and replace my username with yours.
So this is how Hivetasks look like below with my account stats, yours will be obviously different hahaha

As you can see above, it is displaying the general stats of my account like HP, Reputation, followers etc.

You now click on balances and it will show both Hive and Hive Engine balances as mine are shown below.

Next is click on click on Stake tokens and choose the tokens to stake and boom.
You can simply untick the tokens you do not want to stake and you proceed, in my case, I staked everything except Leo and Sports tokens.

I use Keychain, so I was prompted like 2 times to confirm the transaction
with Keychain.

I checked my HE and indeed my chosen tokens were staked hence I remained with zero balances.


..and ladies and gentlemen, that is how you can easily stake multiple Hive Engine tokens at one using Hivetasks.

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Jarau Moses

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Interesting content !.

Looks like you need to post in great detail how to manage the coins on hive engine ,from the first to the finish .. because I think there are still many people who don't understand how to manage their coins there ..


Could you elaborate more on what you mean by "how to manage coins on Hive Engine"? What exactly do you mean by managing coins there??

how to manage coins on Hive Engine ..

From the login stage to the for withdraw.

Oh I see, you mean there are people who do not know who to deposit or withdraw or sell/buy Hive Engine Tokens???

Hivetasks seems to be an interesting tool for me. When i was using the steem platform i used steemworld extensively. This seems very similar tool to that.

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It seems just a replica of Steem world or a fork hehe

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