Trying Out Hive Blockchain Passive Income Streams

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I just read an interesting post by @damla where she gave 12 ways of earning passive income on the Hive Blockchain.

I really advise you to check out that post and this is the main reason I like reading posts on Hive, you get to learn new things that can benefit you.

The post talked about 12 ways of earning passive income mostly by delegating Hive Power or Tribe Token power to some tribes or communities.

I will be experimenting with only 3 options and those are

1. Delegating Hive Power to @leo.voter

I will be able to earn daily Leo tokens if I delegate my HP to Leo.voter.

I have some HP I reclaimed from a dead project a few weeks back, I had delegated HP to a project that died out 2 years ago.

I can have many alternatives of delagting my HP to leo.voter, I can use Peakd, wallet or even Hive Keychain new mobile App.

Since I am using a laptop for this, I will use Hive blog wallet to delegate 100HP to leo.voter

You can view the transaction details on the Hive blockchain explorer

I will make an update of how many Leo I will be earning according to my small HP deleagtion.

2.Delegate Sports To @amr008.sports

I had read about amr008.sports's project on Sportstalk social, but I forgot to subscribe to it unfortunately.
He has an engagement campaign whereby he is encouraging folks to be active on the respective frontends like sports, ctp, leofinance and stem.

For this I will be delegating 500K Sports to @amr008.sports for a test and see what happens in the next weeks.

I used Hive Engine to Delegate 500K Sports as shown below

3. Delegate Leo Power To @meowcurator

I will also delegate just 100 LP to @meowcurator beable to earn Leo tokens daily passively.

I again used Hive Engine to complete this delegation process as it is more easier for me.


I will also update on the dividends earned from this delegation.

I will make an overall accessment I guess after a month to see the progress of this passive income model and check the ROI.

So if you know of any other ways I can earn passively, you can comment below and also if you have any info on Aidrops let me know hehe..
Jarau Moses

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Thank you so much for the mention Jarau. What a wonderful post 🌼
I wish you best of luck on your Hive & Leo journey.


Thanks for the eye-opener on these passive income streams.

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It's good to see the diversification of passive income streams. Looks like you're doing some due diligence before jumping right in. With the Advent if tribes, I love that I can post once on Leofinance and earn a number of different tokens. Wishing you well! :)

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Tribes gave us an opportunity to earn many tokens with just a single post.

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Keep it up. Take all the Leofinance airdrops you can get and do whatever you can to capitalize on them.

We should know how to capitalize...SOON

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We are waiting for the CUB Airdrop hehe and maybe also waiting for the launch of Project Blank

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Thanks for this. I love delegating and helping others out. Getting daily divs is even better.

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Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

Currently delegating to leofinance. I support the community that supports me. 😏

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