When Was The Last Time You Checked Your Outgoing Delegations and Hive Witness Votes?

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I know many of us are busy with Hive and all the related tribes/projects that we do not find time to look at the basics.

One of the basics we often forget is checking and updating our Hive witness votes especially if you have high HP and your big vote helps in those decisions.

Another basic act we often forget is updating our Delegation list or checking the projects we delegate/delegated to!

So yesterday as I was checking my Hive wallet, I was shocked to see my outgoing delegations and guess what one of them is an inactive project!!!

As you can see from the image above, one of the projects I delegated to is/was Share2Steem 2 years ago!!

I checked through both Share2Steem Hive and Steemit accounts and they were last active 2 fucking years ago!!!

This is what it shows both on Steemit and Hive

So my small 100HP has been dormant for 2 fucking years!!!
You can also check your outgoing delegations by visiting your Hive wallet so that you can update it.

I obviously had to revoke this dormant delegation.

How To Undelegate

I did try to revoke the delegation using Hive wallet, but it refused!!

I had to login to Peakd so that I could finalize the process
So after signing in on Peakd, go to wallet then to Staked Hive Power

You then click on Delegate and then choose the user(in this case share2steem) and change the delegation amount to zero.


I use Hive Keychain for my operations and it will bring a sucess message as below.

So I have finally undelegated my 105HP from Share2steem as shown on the blockchain explorer Hiveblocks.

It will take 5 days for this HP to return to my wallet so that I can delegate it to some other project.

So when was the last time you checked your outgoing delegations and Hive witness votes??

You need to check this asap as you might have dormant HP held upon closed or inactive projects f which this HP could have earned you interest on another project.

You should also check your witness votes(I will check mine tomorrow) so that you can replace inactive witnesses with active ones.

It takes a short time to check these delegations, so go do it now.

Jarau Moses

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Voting Witnesses and DHF proposals quite frequently is super important for HIVE’s future.

We need more competition

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