Join HiveFest on December 18-19, 2020!

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In case you haven't heard, on December 18th and 19th, the 5th edition of @HiveFest will take place.



It is a community based event, organized by the Hive community leaders all over the globe and the line up seems nothing short of awesome.



Registration is still possible on and the FREE registration has come to a close.

But, today during the #Hivechat, @hivefest announced it will leave the free registration open, only for today!!

That means you still register for free today. Please note that starting tomorrow, you'll have to pay 50 HBD and if you register in the last week before Hivefest, you'll pay even more!

Attendee Card

You can also create your own attendee card here.

Just made my own today


Virtual Event

In case it isn't completely clear: The event is fully digital!

This means you can follow it from anywhere in there world.

It does have a VR vibe to it, so if you have a VR Headset, you will have the optimal experience. For others (like myself), the app that runs the event will be available on Windows and Mac as well.

See you at #HiveFest!!

Hope to see you all there.

#lobi from Suriname


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Have they listed times yet for anything? I registered, but I am trying to figure out if this will be do-able for me or if I will be asleep.

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So far from what I've seen, it starts at 5 PM UTC on both days. Depending on your time zone it could mean late morning or even the next day.

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Thank you!

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See you at #HiveFest!!

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