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RE: Are You In Crypto To Get Rich or For The Freedom(and decentralization)?

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I think a lot of people get into crypto because of the promise of riches (myself included), but a lot of people do dive deeper into the utilization and true purpose of decentralization. Personally, I invest in projects that I feel would make a huge difference in the world. But, to do so, I needed to invest in coins that were on the verge of pumping, so that's how I divide my capital. Whatever gains I get is what I invest in projects I'm passionate about, then I cycle my initial capital on project which have projected gains.

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Wow, I like your style, so do you have any recommendations of coins on the verge of pumping??

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I don't really give out financial advice, but the two coins that occupy a huge percentage of my port are ADA and VET. I like their fundamentals and the charts are not bad.

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