August HIVE Power Up Day and Monthly Goals


It's the first of the month so its time for another Hive Power Up Day. As part of it, I plan on powering up some HIVE and setting some of my monthly goals. A lot of things happened in July and one of the most exciting things was Splinterlands. I don't have any goals related to it though.

The price of HIVE is up though and I wonder if this pump will make a demand for resource credits. Any new player will run into resource credits issues when they first start and it was an issue that bothered me quite a bit after I started making posts and commenting on the chain. I am hoping the resource credits pools do come out soon so people won't run into the same issue.

If you can, you should drop by the weekly Saturday Saver's Club @eddie-earner for a chance to earn some EDS tokens. They did mention to say something if you decide to participate in the Hive Power Up Day.

Hive Power Up Day

More information about Hive Power Up Day (HPUD) can be found at the July HPUD by @traciyork. It seems like I was also able to get 200 HP last month for being active on the block chain. However my life has been kind of busy so my commenting and blogging has dropped over the past few weeks.

8-1 power up before.png

My current HP (shown above) before powering up is around 1,201 HP and I plan to power up 25 HIVE. The results of this can be seen in the picture below and here is the transaction link. I decided to power up 25 HIVE just like last month because I think this number is sustainable in my opinion. Unlike last month, I have not converted my HBD into HIVE because HBD has been fairly stable over the course of the month.

8-1 power up.png

Just like last time, I am taking this chance to get up to date with the Saturday Saver's Challenge and Saturday Saver's Backward challenge. When I go back to check, my backward's challenge will be done this month with a power up of 4.35 HP so I also power this up. To get up to date to the Saturday Saver's Challenge, I also put in some HBD to get caught up.
8-1 HBD for Saturday Saver.png

August Goals

As usual, I based my monthly goals based on my yearly goals and how well I did during the previous month. Similar to last month, tokens orders I talked about in my July Hive Power Up Day got filled and I managed to get my DHEDGE goal from the previous month done. As I choose UTOPIS last month, I bought them at the 3.5 HIVE price and got it early. So this month, I managed to resolve my passive income token goal. In fact I actually bought 5 more a few days ago since it was selling for below 3.5 HIVE each.

Token Goals

I think I will definitely surpass my yearly goals. Although that SPORTS goal is getting tougher since I have been spending less time on that front-end.

  1. Increase my HP to 1350 HP (currently 1230)
  2. Increase my staked LEO to 1100 (currently 1000)
  3. Increase my staked SPORTS to 2M (currently 1.75M)
  4. Increase my staked CTP to 2.5k (currently 1580 with 50 delegated out to BroFi and 800 ready for CTPSB Challenge)
  5. Increase my UTOPIS holdings to 40 (currently 30)
  6. Invest 200 LEO into Cub Finance

Just like last month, I had to power up some SPORTS to reach that SPORTS goal from last month but the dividends are slowly starting to make up for some of the SPORTS I am missing out. I currently have 750k SPORTS delegated out to the engagement project. This will help spur engagement on the SPORTS front-end.

You can check my July goals to know why I like UTOPIS. It has a high return and it also turns fiat into HIVE. It's definitely one of the projects with the best return. Currently I am thinking of changing up my Cub Finance holdings to include some investment into the DEC/BUSD pool. Especially since Splinterlands is gaining more traction after SPS came out.

For my CTP goal from last month, I did not stake my CTP because I heard that the CTPSB challenge is coming out soon. By waiting, I will get more returns for the CTP I am going to stake.

Gaming Goals

Similar to last month, its been mainly Splinterlands and Rising Star for me. I haven't really bothered with doing much besides daily quests on Splinterlands but I have done a few extra battles when I had some free time.

  1. Top 104 for Rising Star for ranking rewards
  2. 675 cards in Rising Star

Since Splinterlands takes quite a bit of time, I don't really want to make a goal on that end. However I will continue to do the goals for Rising Star. I would say I want a higher ranking on Rising Star but its tough due to maintain ranks right now. So for now, I would say my monthly goal is to stay within the top 104.

Please feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions or feedback.

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