Hive Power up Day and March Goals

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Today is the first day of March and I want to participate in the Hive Power Up Day (HPUD). When I finished my first month on the block chain, I realized how RCs were important and that I needed to grow my HP. Thankfully there were some amazing people on the block chain and @sn0n delegated me some HP during my first month. My account has grown a lot since then and I still realize that RCs are very important.

It is challenging to decide what to prioritize first as there are many great investment projects in HIVE. I have already started to dip my toes into a few great dividend tokens like DHEDGE, UTOPIS and INDEX. However this month, I have increased from last month and plan to power up 15 HIVE as part of the HPUD contest by @traciyork.

hpud mar before.png
Above is the picture of my account before powering up and below is it after powering up and below is the account after powering up.
hpud mar after.png

As a bonus, here is me powering up my liquid LEO. I don't think I have enough to make the liquidity pool attractive so I decided to focus more on staking it so I can generate more LEO in the community.
hpud mar leo.png

Token Goals
I have decided to add in a few goals I want to reach during March so I don't slack off as much.

  1. Increase my HP to 250 (currently 189)
  2. Increase my staked LEO to 250 (currently 174)
  3. Increase my staked SPORTS to 200k (currently 138.9k)
  4. Increase my staked CTP to 200 (currently 141)
  5. Increase LBI to 50 (currently 47.649)

These are my main goals token-wise as I interact the most on LEO. I should of probably increased my goals but I realistically put down what I think I can achieve this month. If I don't hit it, I will feel bad and I will buy some tokens on the market.

Games and game goals
I like games and have been participating in multiple of the games on HIVE such as Rising Stars and Splinterlands. I have branched out a little into the WAX block chain as well to earn some passive income through RPlanet.

  1. My goal for Rising Star is to be a Starbit Millionaire (no timeline). I want this because I will be able to earn 10k Starbits per day and I can either use this to fund other projects or aim for ranking rewards.
  2. Start either Rabona or Exode this month. I think Rabona with it's fee of $5 sounds good. As it would also allow me to make content, I would be able to recoup my initial costs as well. As for Exode, I think I want to save up to unlock all three classes and I lack funds. It would depend on how much I can save up.
  3. Increase my RPlanet WAX earnings to $0.2 per day (currently $0.14). I was originally earning nearly $1 per day but Rplanet nerfed the Aether generation rate and exchange rates tanked. I only put $0.2 as my goal because I can't control these factors. The only thing I can say I can only increase my NFTs staked.

I haven't included any goals for Splinterlands as I don't plan to put more money into it but I have placed some bids for some cards. However I have frequently see myself pulling part of my earnings when I want to buy dividend tokens. Since I don't want to pay the full price for cards, I prefer to wait to see if someone takes me offer. I am content with my current placing in Splinterlands but I wouldn't mind getting enough power for gold II bracket.

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Keep working on your goals! Best way to get somewhere is put it out there and push towards it. I made my first purchase of LBI token today, and hope to continue to build that up significantly over the next several months.

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Thank you.

I think you did a good job investing into LBI. Right now just considering the LEO it has inside the account, its worth 1.05 LEO. After the airdrops, I think the prices may go up. That reminds me, I should probably change my LEO tomorrow for LBI instead incase the prices change.

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Congrats. I remember when I was at your level. Every reputation around here looked so high, not to mention those stakes users had. That was three years ago.
Well, good luck with your plans!

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Thank you. Yea everything looked so far out of touch when I first started. I am just slowly moving towards these goals and made sure I picked goals with a decent buffer.

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Those look like some really awesome and achievable goals! What are you using to figure your earnings on RPlanet? I have some liquid Aether sitting out there, but I know the price is really low last I checked. Some of these people are making an absolutely insane amount of money from their mining!

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The way I use to get my earnings is to use hourly production * 24 * ask_on_alcor * wax_price.

It changes throughout the day so I just use whatever I see when I need to calculate. All the staking production rates got nerfed big time after they released some paid packs.

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Oh wow, you must have some pretty solid NFT assets to be making that kind of return on your AETHER. I will have to jump over and check that out. I think right now I am only pulling in about 1800 AETHER per hour.

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It's not that much. I think the rate before things took off was about 2000 Aether per WAX and WAX was fairly cheap back then. Now WAX is around $0.077 so I am only generating like 2 WAX a day at current rates. You would be generating well over 10 times what I have so you should be over $0.85 or so per day.

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I decided to pull the trigger and open some more of the packs that I have been holding onto. I was hoping to flip them, but I am thinking that generating the passive income might be the better bet.

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I have gotten all my stake without buying any packs and currently mines is nearly 160 per hour. I guess it goes up by an average of 4 per day so I was thinking I would be around 280+ by the end of the month. As long as the prices of WAX and exchange rates don't tank too much, I should reach my goal.

I am a little skeptical of the way Rplanet handled the aether generation but I understand that the rate was a little too high before.

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That is interesting. Did you just do Alien Worlds then or did you get all of your stuff from airdrops. I probably purchase more packs than I should have :P

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I have been doing alien worlds but only from time to time. TLM exchange rates have tanked and thunderdome has no announcement date.

My main source of RPlanet NFTs is Kolobok. You basically breed kolos then send them out on adventures. They either die or survive bringing back a prize. I suggest you do the adventure from top down because you get a bonus on prize rates. When RPlanet nerfted, they decreased the payout by 5 times to only 20% of it's original value. I think it is much nicer since I only have to check in once or twice a day. It requires a small upfront payment to get your kolos and if you want to increase slots, then you gotta pay some WAX. I got 6 adventure slots and I upgraded it before they jacked up prices.

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