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RE: How is the economical situation in your country?

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For this mission we would like to learn how life and the economy is doing in your country?

I think things are fine in the US as people are still getting by. I am not sure how some people will get by after the unemployment plus up by the government in the US goes away though.

How did your country master the pandemic and how much have the local businesses suffered?

Well I think things were fine but they took forever to pass anything substantial to help people who were in need. Obviously everyone knows about the election during 2020 for the US. A lot of politics went into before any package was passed and a lot of it did not go to the people who needed it the most.

Do you feel that people are much poorer than before covid spread?

I do think more people are poorer compared to where they were before covid spread. In fact most of the people who got richer were those who had plans and invested them into the markets (housing, stock and maybe even crypto).

Are people hopeful for the future?

I think most people are hopefully for the future since the sickness is no longer the top most concern for most citizens. As of right now, people are just trying to figure out how to adapt the new economy after the lock downs. The vaccines for the most part helped people become less fearful.

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Thanks a lot for this great comment. The US seemd to be suffering in the first waves but then they got through it better than many other countries. I think when people don't have the illness as first preocupation, then the economy can take speed again.


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