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RE: Earn 100 MPH (~3.7 $) for free to buy crypto, stocks and shit !

in LeoFinance2 months ago

Seems like too much hassle for $3.7. I think its too big of a problem since I might just go crazy and blow up the account (you can use leverage).

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yeah that was kind of a red flag for me as well. I would sure like to buy or short some stocks for free, but I always heared it is bad to use leaverage and ofc I wouldn't use it at first, but just when I blow up my account to 100$ and get overconfident I will use the 10x leverage on a superrisky trade and bam, now I owe them 1 Grant.

Thats just a hunch though, I might still look into it

Yes its the reason why I am avoiding it. I don't want to be the one figuring out they get back their money after you get a margin call.

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Well then, just don't LOL

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