Saturday Saver's Club Challenge and Goal Progress

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This is part of the Saturdays Saver Challenge and I was originally participating through fiat. But I decided to restart it on HIVE from scratch. The image below from the challenge post shows that saving everyday can lead to a decent amount earned over time.
Eddie's Earner Saturdays Saving Challenge

My Savings Plan and Challenge

For my challenge, I am planning to decrease the amount of pennies to one-tenth of a penny. Why? I want to ensure I do not mess up towards the end because I don't want to make a mistake towards the end as it would require putting in a few dollars into my savings. However if I drop it to 10% of that amount, I think I should have no problems earning that amount if I hustle.

Therefore my challenge will be depositing 0.001 HBD into my HIVE Savings Account on the first day and increasing that amount by 0.001 HBD per day. I choose to deposit HBD because the interest rate for HBD is 3% per year. This means I should also earn more in total compared to the original challenge.

Current Progress

Saturday Saver Week 1 Part 2.png
Saturday Saver Week 1 Part 1.png
Besides the memo typo on Day 3, I have current finished 6 days of the challenge so far with a total of 0.021 HBD saved in my saving.
Saturday Saver Week 1 Savings.png

Monthly Goal Progress

I thought I would add an update to my monthly goals that I created for myself on during on my April HPUD.

Token Goal Progress

  1. HP Progress (340/475) -- Increased HP by 27 so I am on track but may be a little bit behind.
  2. LEO progress (454/600) -- Increased by 67 so I am a little bit ahead.
  3. SPORTS progress (522k/700k) -- Increased by 68k but I have so 42k liquid Sports that I have yet to stake. So I am ahead on this goal.
  4. CTP progress (429/600) -- Increased by 63 so I am on track.
  5. LBI progress (85.011/100) -- Increased by a 1.5 so I am behind

I seem to be on track to meet most of my token goals currently. I plan to make a few more posts compared to last month to ensure I am on track for some of my lacking areas.

Game Goal Progress

  1. Starbits -- 600k/1million. I haven't touched this area as much but I have been lacking in progress towards this goal. However I do think it is achievable since I plan to convert some VIBES into Starbits.
  2. Rabona/Exode -- I have not done so but I thought HIVE would pump back up to $1 so I could get in with the price of 5 HIVE. However I do plan to this done soon and I have the liquid HIVE available to finish this even if the price of HIVE drops.
  3. RPlanet Aether generation (589.3/650) -- I was totally not expecting the huge bump due to some luck in adventures. So I am already 60-70% done about 8 days into the month. Aether has also been going up so I am generating about $0.55 in WAX a day currently.

I am making great progress towards my gaming goals this month. Although Starbits is a bit further behind than I would like.

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Glad that you managed to make the post! This is an interesting challenge and I wish you good luck on the draw and achieving the target in the end.

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Thank you for coming by.

Yea I thought I would make it transparent on the blockchain and it would just be using the earnings I make on HIVE. Plus I like the fact that I get a 3% interest on HBD.


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I see all my HBD over $1 and buy HBD when it is under. As in the end it will regulate itself to $1value.

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Yea the HBD price hasn't really regulated properly. I just put in HBD because it is easier to keep track and I only really expected the value of HBD to be $1 when I get it as rewards. I take advantage of the pumps and try to get at least 3 HIVE per HBD right now. Though I leave a little bit incase the prices go down even further.

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Hey @jfang003, thank you for supporting Saturday Savers Club!

It is very interesting to see your goals laid out like this, and your progress towards them. You already had a pretty awesome line-up and now you have added the penny a day (or nth of HBD :D) challenge! What lay behind your decisions to choose these particular tokens?

Good luck with your goals!


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I picked HBD for the challenge because of its 3% interest. So on top of saving a nth of an HBD a day, I also get to collect more interest than a traditional bank would give you.

I choose LEO, HP, CTP and SPORTS as staked tokens because I believe this will help me earn more in the future and I am more active in these communities. I also believe these tokens have potential to be a jackpot in the future.

As for LBI, I put this down as my dividend token to work on. It may not give out dividends now but the larger base it is creating makes it a worthwhile investment.

For my gaming goals, 1 million starbits lets me get 10k starbits per day. I want to start Rabona/Exode as part of my way of diversifying the games I interact with on HIVE. They require an investment to start and have the potential to score me some earnings.

As for RPlanet, its part of my passive income strategy in the WAX block chain. I am currently generating about $0.60 worth of crypto at current prices but the exchange rate can drop down again. I think I was only making about $0.20 about 2 weeks back due to the large decline in exchange rates. I generate the crypto by staking the NFTs I earn while playing the games on WAX.


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A few days ago I saw something called RABONA about soccer and I intend to go in, just that I am going to read a little more about it, so as not to enter limbo, I also have some capital in dcity, as for that, what do you think that is RABONA or DCITY more profitable? So I make a decision whether to stay in dcity or sell everything and move to RABONA


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I agree. I also want to put some effort into Rabona but I was waiting for a HIVE pump. Using it as a basis, I could use it as an easy way to create a post every season inside the game.

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For now I only understand from the game that to enter I must buy a pack of players, I am already reading a little about how to level up!

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I think for the most part, its simplified into getting players, training them and letting them play out the games. You can increase the buildings but you need to ensure you can pay the salaries. So eventually it might be best to just let some of them go after a while.

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sounds interesting, and do you have an estimated APR on this game? I read that a rise is expected since it is a well structured game ready to accumulate a good slice of adoption by new actors in the environment!

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I don't think there is any real APR on the game. From what I heard, you can earn some HIVE/rewards but its more for enjoyment from what I heard. I just wouldn't jump in expecting a return and if you do things badly in the start, you might have to inject some RBN too.

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That's a well thought out plan with lots of diversification, and playing to your strengths, too. I often wish I was into games, if you enjoy them, that's a great way to increase your stake.

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