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A post recently from @taskmaster4450 got me thinking. In it, he discussed the developing Hive Finance options becoming available on Hive Engine/LeoDex. I thought it might be interesting to take a look at the Total Locked Value (TLV) of funds in these projects, and potentially track them over time.

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First thing - what to include?

  • SPI - one of the first in this space, a proof of concept really that has performed fabuluosly over an extended period of time. See @spinvest for more info.

  • LBI - The new kid on the block - scooping up LEO like there is no tomorrow. Sister project to SPI. See @lbi-token for more info.

  • BRO - A lot of similarities to SPI, with @raymondspeaks at the helm and driving value and returns for Holders. See @brofund

  • INDEX - A new offering from the CTP team, with an index fund holding proportional units of the top H.E. tokens. Quite a different offer from the above in structure and execution, and an interesting addition to this space. See @jongolson

  • EDS - Another Spinvest offshoot project, offering a steady 12% dividend on a slow but steadily growing holding. Famous for its wacky cartoon content posts. See @eddie-earner

  • YIELDBONDA - A loan structure, with the tokens representing a loan to nealmcspadden to be used for off-chain investments via stablecoin LP's, with a 15% ROI expected once it (hopefully) gains the minimum funds required to launch. See @nealmcspadden

They are probably the main options available at this time, but if you think others should be included in this list, let me know. I thought about adding the miner tokens in, but they are a passive option really and this list all involves actively managed funds.

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So, what's the TLV?

To work this out, I'll look at each token and its circulating supply. Some of these have tokens minted, but not issued yet, so I'll exclude any unsold from the calculation. For this calculation I'll use the current rate of 1 HIVE = $0.136 USD. For LBI, I have used an estimate of issued tokens currently, and the leo price for valuation as this is a fast moving target at the moment. A;; numbers are approximations intended only as a guide.

  • SPI - Tokens issued 93,273 - Value in HIVE - 4.50 - Total HIVE 419728.5 - USD value $57,083
  • LBI - Tokens issued 65,000 - Value in HIVE - 2.05 - Total HIVE 133250 - USD value $18,122
  • BRO - Tokens Issued 69,219 - Value in HIVE - 7.5 - Total HIVE 519142.5 - USD value $70,603
  • INDEX - Tokens Issued 28,994 - Value in HIVE - 0.802 - Total HIVE 23253 - USD value $3,162
  • EDS - Tokens Issued 16,787 - Value in HIVE - 1.01 - Total HIVE 16,954 - USD value $2,306
  • YIELDBONDA - Tokens issued 1494 - Value in HIVE 7.463 - Total HIVE 11,149 - USD value $1,516

So the total currently invested into these "subjectively" selected Hive Finance projects is a HIVE valuation of 1,123,476. (note that this is the HIVE value of the tokens, not the amount of HIVE locked).

The USD value of these funds is $152,792.

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It will be interesting to track how this progresses over time. I think that this option will grow significantly, with more variety of offerings and options available. Just remember that there are some downsides and risks involved in investing in these projects, and please do your own research. Mentions of projects in this post are not endorsements of the project.

Thanks for reading,


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It's good to get to know different projects with more and less the same mindset, the problem for me will be having Hive to invest in them all lol baby steps and keep accumulating!
Thank you for the INDEX support :)


Yes, getting the funds and deciding which is always a challenge but the great thing here is that these are so much more accessible for smaller investors to get involved in. A couple of HIVE here, a couple LEO there and you can grind out a position over time.

INDEX is s great option for thst, as it covers of some of these plus some of the best quality assets on HE.

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This is mind blowing to think that we are just scratching the surface of it all.

So excited to see where all these projects are in say...A year or two.

Appreciate your support of INDEX :)

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I think its a great start, and the growing list of options and projects to choose from is exciting.

Happy to have a bag of INDEX, and looking to gradually add more over time.

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Good research!

I would have expected this number to be quite a bit higher, tbh. But, $152k still isn't bad!

It will be interesting to see how this grows over the next few years. It will be interesting to see new projects that join the Hive ecosystem as well. I'm considering working on a token/community myself. :)

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Thanks, yeah there is possibly options I've missed but I think its a good start. There are "key person" risks, and centralization concerns that probably hold people back also.

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Very interesting to keep track of them for sure!

Keep the originals in one tracking thread and then add on as new ones emerge, which I'm sure they will.

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Yeah, I'll definitely keep track of this, and once I gather a few weeks of data, start charting it and tracking inflows and so on.

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TLV is a great concept about I think it is little inaccurate method for gauging the value. Best way is that these token issuer just do a weekly or monthly review that how much these token are backed by assets.

In current method market might have over appreciated price.

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It is a bit tricky to monitor its asset backing rather than the exchange price. I probably should have added where I pulled the price from.

  • SPI - publishes its asset backing daily in discord. Used this price rather than exchange price as all tokens are issued, and discord published value is more accurate.
  • LBI - looked at tokens issued, and used a basic exchange rate of 1 leo = 2.05 HIVE. Will shift to the asset backing price (like SPI) in time once it stabilises.
  • BRO - used exchange price - not sure if asset backing per token is tracked or published.
  • INDEX - used recent trade price on exchange, Issuing new tokens and adjusting price all the time to reflect asset backing.
  • EDS - still being issued at 1.01 HIVE each.
  • YIELDBONDA - being sold, used current sell wall price on exchange. Price is being adjusted hourly.

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i just know Leo finance and SP invest, did not know so many more finance related projects are there...