Weekly @spinvest-leo update, WLEO pool reminder.

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It's been a really nice week for @spinvest-leo, and the LEO tribe as a whole really. The LEO price is up, the WLEO project is on track, and we are all learning lots about DeFi, Uniswap and Ethereum.

First - the numbers.

spinleo 10 sep.png

  • Income has increased - or more accurately the HIVE value of the income has increased. We actually made a little less LEO token income, but it was worth much more so overall we are in front.

  • The main reason the token number was down a bit is because the payouts from the @leo.voter delegation is adjusted to the market price - at 2c we might get 5 tokens per day, at 4c we get 2.5 LEO. Just an example, but you get the drift.

  • Have a look at the HIVE asset value of the account - 2 weeks ago it was 1/2 that.


  • If you don't know what is going on with WLEO and @spinvest-leo, read this post.

  • I have heard rumors that the WLEO launch is likely to be next Monday 14th - don't quote me, just a rumor but it seems likely to me.

  • Our first round of contributions will close on the following Monday - 21st. There is no rush to be first, in fact the way we are doing this requires the pool to be up and running and holding decent liquidity. FOMOing in asap will cost us money, as we need to swap half the LEO contributed into ETH to do this, and if we do that in a shallow pool we will lose out.

  • If you can't get in for the first round, don't panic. Once round 1 closed, I'll open up second round contributions and set a second cut off date. This will give plenty of time for people unstaking LEO to get involved.

  • I think from the positive reactions, this will definitely go ahead, but just remember that I have set a total minimum of 10,000 contributed to do this.

  • Don't forget the minimum per person is 500 LEO, any amount above this will be fine, but I'd prefer nice round numbers if possible - it just makes my life easier.

  • I have opened up the pool by putting in 1000 of my own personal LEO stash. That will be the extent of my investment, I'm putting as much as I can directly into the WLEO/ETH pool personally, separate to this Spinvest-leo setup.

  • Please re-read the launch post before sending funds to @spinvest-eth and make sure you are aware of the risks.

  • One last reminder - half of the combined funds will be converted into ETH. It is important to keep in mind that you are taking on an investment that changes the nature of your assets by participating. When we process withdrawals, we will convert funds all back into LEO on LeoDex/Hive Engine, but while in this pool, half of your assets are converted to Eth. I just wanted to remind everyone of that.

Current pool contributions:

spineth pool 0.1.png

I'll update this table regularly as the account receives contributions.

Thanks everyone for reading and supporting @spinvest-leo, have a great day,


P.s. Not financial advice - do your own research.

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Bugger, posted this from the wrong account. I'll send all post payout through to @spinvest-leo.

I might just put in a 1000 and then do my own thing too like your doing, it's a great initiative you're running here I must say!


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2 more days until the first week of my power down is complete and I'll have that 2000 LEO for you.

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Sorry, you don't have enough staked BEER in your account. You need 24 BEER in your virtual fridge to give some of your BEER to others. To view or trade BEER go to hive-engine.com

3000 LEO sent!

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Awesome, added to the list. So far you are 75% of our pool to pool into the pool.

Hi, i'd like to participate and send the minimum leo token to @spinvest-eth
What phrase, if any, is required in the memo field? Thank you.

No memo needed, I'll match the deposit to your username. Glad to have you involved @roger5120.

Ok, thanks. appreciate it.