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RE: The Frustrations of On-Boarding

in LeoFinance2 months ago

Perhaps we went in blind originally, step by step holding onto every number thrown at us, pot luck!

Everyone has to tackle learning about importance of the keys unfortunately.

Perhaps using Facebook with an Email address to contact people with an ad-hoc temporary x3 month posting key, full instruction to site guide, as started by @nickyhavey. T

Thanks for links and interesting reading, lost in reading all the comments below and visiting to learn more about what the topic is about.


I can't remember having problems with basic Steemit but I come from an IT background. It all fell into place quickly for me, besides over-voting and finding myself at 29% VP for a while 😀

By the time I reached Steemit I had a local exchange and other bits of experience, still found setup a bit confusing. Hive is that much bigger, we need a best place to start someone new into.