Affiliate Marketing: How It Works

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Let’s talk about affiliate marketing today. Have you ever hear about affiliate marketing before? Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular marketing types, and of the best ways to make money online, especially if you have your website or a blog.

Affiliate Marketing: How It Works

What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a performance-based marketing type, where people get a commission from selling and promoting other’s business and products. There are plenty of Affiliate platforms which connect thousands of brands and their products all around the world.

Mainly all you need to do is just add a promotion link or banner to your webpage, and when people use your link to buy a product, you will get a commission.

CJ Affiliate Marketing

Who is Eligible

Anyone who has a website or a blog. To start to promote the company’s brand and product, you need to have a platform, where you will do it. Requirements can vary from company to company. But if you have your website, you can search for the affiliate programme which is suited to your website theme.

How Much Can I Earn

There are no limits. Your earnings depend on you. As more traffic you have on your website or blog, so higher the chance that your visitors will click on the affiliate link and purchase the product. Just imagine how much do earn travel agencies, which sell flight tickets or travel packages?

Affiliate Marketing. How much can I earn

Let’s assume that you own a website about fashion. You started a partnership with different fashion brands. From each product that customers buy through the link on your site, you will get a 10% of the commission. Let’s assume that you sold 10 products which cost 10$ each. So you will be paid 10$. But let’s assume that you sold 1,000 products? Or 10 products with a price 10$, 50$, 100$…

Your earning are limitless!


Affiliate marketing is one of the most significant ways to make money online, and it is a key to passive income and financial freedom. Besides, affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to monetise your website.

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