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Wealthy Affiliate Program is an online internet marketing training academy to help you set up affiliate marketing sites. It starts from the essential, goes through content creation, SEO, and more, through step-by-step modules and video tutorials. Everyone can start to learn and earn money with Wealthy Affiliate any time anywhere.

You can do it by researching your own niche and promoting the Wealthy Affiliate program along with your own content by using banners and your affiliate links.

Go deep into the world of affiliate marketing and discover other ways to earn money with Wealthy Affiliate. Of course, it’s competitive and it won’t make you rich in a day, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a piece of the pie and get paid on your own.

What does the Wealthy Affiliate program include?

The premise of the Wealthy Affiliate program is that you can make money by signing up for WA through your link.

This is Basic Affiliate Marketing 101, right? However, it is not just the case that your referral link is on your site.

Wealthy Affiliate has several key areas of the premium program to help you along the way. These are:

  • Affiliate Bootcamp training
  • Keyword and SEO Research with Jaaxy
  • Awarding commissions
  • Tracking referrals
  • Banner creation

How much can you earn with the Wealthy Affiliate program? You get a cut whether the partner signs up monthly or annually. That’s $23.50 a month if they participate in the monthly bonus program, or $175.00 a year if they pay in advance.

That’s cool! Imagine having a recurring payment on your account every month or year… Cool, right?

Aside from this monthly commission, if you get 300 premium referrals in 2020, you are classified as a super partner and can win a trip to Vegas!

The cool thing about WA is that you can earn affiliate income even if you are not a Premium member. However, you won’t get anything similar to the rewards that the Premium Member gives.

If you really want to learn more about affiliate marketing and make money on it, then try a Premium membership. You can try it just for 1 month to see how does it work. At the first month you have a special offer to get a premium account with a big discount, and it will cost you just $19.00.

While some of them do work, WA has lagged behind in delivering a whole load of value through the learning modules that members have access to.

You can start to build your website right on the Wealthy Affiliate platform. And if you have a Premium Account, then you can make money even for leaving comments.


Wealthy Affiliate is a program that aims to help beginners to master internet marketing skills. It has a free trial and premium membership that guides you through every step of building your own website. This also includes traffic generation and SEO training.

You can learn and earn money with Wealthy Affiliate, if you follow the training and put your effort into it.

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Wealthy Affiliate is great if you want to have a Wordpress blog and then use it together with Steempress to also have it on Hive, which can actually pay your startup costs for the upgrade, and then you have the affiliate opportunity on top of that, plus nice training on SEO, if you just want to be on Hive with your own domain though, you have Engrave.

@flaxz, thanks for sharing the info. I didn't know that it is possible to use it with Steempress. And yes, I like their trainings, there is a lot of great info.

Yeah it's a plugin to Wordpress that also publish your posts on Hive, with some time and effort it can be really great.

Sounds really cool! I will check it! Thanks for the info