Are you providing liquidity for WHive pools?

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This post is a sort of provisory measure - I was mentoning in this post - to create some incentives for hive users providing liquidity for WrappedHive pools. The beneficiaries are those supporting the liquidity of wHive pools.

I know this can be automated, but decided to go with it anyway because the liquidity is decreasing. This post may not bring enough to be noticed by a larger community, but it will show a way how to provide benefit at early stage and long before DAO proposals is created, not to mention passed through.

I Will try doing this daily
but it all depends on the outcome. We all do remember the times when posts about SBD value occupied trending page and this is something I would like to avoid. I estimate it will produce up to 1 $ per post, but it's better than nothing and Rome wasn't built in a day.

To further enlarge the incentive I got few SOL tokens from @solairitas project.

All in all, by reading some some some post I was able to find the addresses of 3 users currently providing liquidity @cardboard, @khaleelkazi and myself. I'm not completely sure I'm not overstepping but since - me the non-tech guy - was able to retrieve these addresses, everyone can do it.
These three users hold about 50% of total liquidity of all wHive pools.

share of identified liquidity providers.png

How to find yourself on the list?

  1. provide liquidity for any of whive pools on uniswap
  2. send me your address in the comment or via encrypted memo if you want it to be shared publicly.

Here are the current numbers


The rewards for this post go to:
@cardboar 79%
@khaleelkazi 14%
@jocieprosza 5%
@fbslo 2% - this is because I still haven't figured out the exact formula for rounding the numbers, that would be fair; he didn't provided liquidity that I know of, but he's the author that need to be appreciated.

Always check if the rewards are set as stated in the post

How to sent encrypted memo?

Send me a fraction of hive with memo starting with '#' character. It works on hive, it did not on peakd though.

I am hungry for any feedback here

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I like this idea a lot and think there is definitely merit to providing liquidity incentives. If you look around to other Uniswap Liquidity Pools, you'll find that almost all of them have some additional LP incentives on top of the regular fee collection structure.

This is because the fees can be too low to warrant an investment in the LP - especially in pools that have just started out since the trading volume is very low. I may see about using a similar idea as your post beneficiaries to the LP incentives on the new wLEO-ETH pool when it goes live :)

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I don't hold any copyrights to the idea so feel free to use it for the fruition of our hive goals. I do not even hold 500 Leo to participate in but look forward to Leo success.
The gas fees are insane recently and I think we're heading into ICO-like scenario

@tipu curate 3 ;)

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Im in the whive, eth pool. Will let you know the address when I'm back on pc, after work. Nice initiative.

Can't wait !

Hey, just an update, I have withdrawn my lp contribution for now to focus on the leo pool. I may re-enter down the track, but for now I'm out. 😥

Thanks for the update 👍