Are you providing liquidity for wHive pools?

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This post is a sort of provisory measure - I was mentoning in this post - to create some incentives for hive users providing liquidity for WrappedHive pools. The beneficiaries are those supporting the liquidity of wHive pools.

I know this can be automated, but decided to go with it anyway because the liquidity is decreasing. This post may not bring enough to be noticed by a larger community, but it will show a way how to provide benefit at early stage and long before DAO proposals is created, not to mention passed through.

If you provide some liquidity please drop a line

to take part in my incentive programme.

How did it go?

post dateHive rewards
3/09/20201,21 HBD and 6,8 HP
5/09/20200,49 HBD and 2,84 HP

As for Leo rewards:

post dateLEO rewards
3/09/202027,79 LEO
5/09/202032,16 LEO

Adnotacja 2020-09-08 122015.png

What did change?
There's another pool of wHive-HUNT that took precedens over other pools. I'm looking forward to wLeo wHive pool.

Adnotacja 2020-09-08 121602.png

Liquidity $.png

How to find yourself on the list?

  1. provide liquidity for any of whive pools on uniswap
  2. send me your address in the comment or via encrypted memo if you want it to be shared publicly.

Here are the current numbers

Adnotacja 2020-09-08 122239.png

The rewards for this post go to:
@khaleelkazi 66%
@jocieprosza 34%

Always check if the rewards are set as stated in the post

How to sent encrypted memo?

Send me a fraction of hive with memo starting with '#' character. It works on hive, it did not on peakd though.

I am hungry for any feedback here

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I don't plan to provide liquidity but cool if you make a profit with it.

I don't think the profit is a achievable goal in the current situation. This incentive is aimed at reducing the loss 😂

I hope to see some renewed interest in wHIVE some day. It just needs some direction to deepen the liquidity and then partner with some DeFi dApps so it gains a use case.

wLEO will be a fun experiment. Maybe someone will borrow some of our ideas and reinvigorate wHIVE with them

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Do you plan on setting up wLeo - wHive pool? Now I think about it, since we have Dex and Hive-engine, it's not as essential as ETH pools