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Yesterday I dropped few lines under @gtg post [Hive: Bee aware. Putting Hive on a Heads-Up Display]( about the necessity of having Hive article on wikipedia.

During my talks with people I was asked to point them to wiki article, but couldn't find one. Wikipedia for many is a source of reliable knowledge about things. It may be superficial in some matters, but it gives you the overall insight into the topic you're interested in.
It's important to have an wiki article and this is something all of us need to agree upon.

All in all, I tried my best to create an article, but I have no experience in that, so I'm sharing my contribution for you to use in your attempts - of course if it's really worth anything.

This submission's references do not show that the subject qualifies for a Wikipedia article—that is, they do not show significant coverage (not just passing mentions) about the subject in published, reliable, secondary sources that are independent of the subject.

Still waiting for another review of my attempt, but the outcome is likely the same as before, so I pass the baton to you.

There's a comment on my last submission:

Comment: There appears to be a recent concerted effort to shoehorn Hive onto Wikipedia... See Draft:Hive Blockchain. I also note that none of the references appear to provide significant coverage in reliable, secondary sources independent of the subject. Jack Frost (talk) 13:04, 6 December 2020 (UTC)

Even if, I'm succeeded, you can think of ways of improving the following entry:

'''Hive''' is a blockchain-based blogging and social media ecosystem built to reward its users engagements with the HIVE cryptocurrencies. The blockchain is managed without central entity, thus it requires reaching a wide consensus in decision-making. The access and interactions with blockchain are made via various proprietary font-ends, which unlike the blockchain itself may be subjected to local regulations that may require content moderation.

On march 20, 2020 Hive hard-forked (separeted as a almost exact copy) from STEEM blockain due to major community dispute about STEEM's de facto centralisation of the chain decision process<ref></ref><ref></ref>.

===Operating principle===
The content published on the blockchain may receive either upvotes or downvotes. Upvotes result in increasing post payout, while downvotes represent discontent of the community about the content itself or community-perceived excessive reward resulting in decreasing the payout. The rewards are divided between content author and users who upvoted the content, which motivates users to engage. 

The Hive network comes with two classes of cryptocurrency assets named HIVE and Hive Backed Dollars (HBD).
Moreover, HIVE exists both under a liquid form (simply called HIVE) and a staked form (called Hive Power). HIVE is the liquid currency of the Hive ecosystem. It may be traded, staked, bought, and sold. Hive Backed Dollars are intended to be pegged to the United States Dollar (USD) at a one to one rate. Hive Power (HP), the staked form of HIVE, is vested during a process referred to as a ”power up”. Upon being
powered up, Hive Power can then be entirely or partially un-staked at will, in a process referred to as a ”power down”. Staked HIVE then returns to its liquid form (i.e. HIVE) in equal amounts over 13 weeks period, with a segment delivered every 7 days<ref></ref>.

===Blockchain schematics===
Unlike mining process typical to [[Bitcoin|Bitcoin]] or [[Ethereum|Etherum]] blockchains, Hive's chain blocks are produced at 3 second intervals and are signed by “Witnesses” selected based on the total weight of the Hive Power supporting them through individual approvals. There are 20 consensus witnesses that are granted block signing operations on a rotating schedule. Every account may select up to 30 witnesses for approval, during which process it adds to the support each witness receives. The witnesses are ranked in priority based on the total amount of staked support they presently receive. While the 20 consensus witnesses have an equal opportunity to sign blocks, witnesses ranked 21 and further are treated as backup witnesses. The number of signing opportunities they receive is directly proportional to the staked support behind them.

===Dapp ecosystem===
Due to its scalability a number of [[Decentralized application|decentralised applications]] (dApps) run on Hive. The most popular one is Splinterlands <ref></ref><ref></ref>. The number of dApps and fluctuates a its market is both volatile and constantly developing.
The major operating on Hive dApps are:

* Games:
** Splinterlands (formerly SteemMonsters) - trading card game,
** CryptoBrewMaster - beer brewing business card game,
** dCity - NFT asset city building strategy game,
** Rabona - football manager game,
** Exode - collectible Sci-Fi strategy game,
** Rising Star - music industry strategy game,
** Holy Bread - fantasy RPG game,

* Sport and Fitness:
** - fitness tracking app rewarding staying active,
* Video and streaming services:
** ,
** DTube,
* General, non-specified topic frontends:
** archon,
* Content themed front-ends:
** - finance, cryptocurrency and investment focused community,
** SportsTalkSocial - sport themed community,<br />
== References ==
(html comment removed:  Inline citations added to your article will automatically display here. See for instructions on how to add citations. )

===External Links===
* Blockchain main site,
* account creation tool and database,
* the most popular hive's fron-end

The shoutout: @cardboar, @khaleelkazi, @fbslo, @dalz, @russia-btc, @trumpman, @jk6276, @claudio83, @lordbutterfly, @partitura, @themarkymark @therealwolf


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@tipu curate

Wow, how does the Hive blockchain not have a wiki page?? Crazy.

I see that 'Steemit' (the website, not the blockchain) has a wiki. Also EOS.IO (the blockchain protocol) has one.

Surely we can get something approved if we do it properly. Just need to post an ad on Upwork and find someone that understands the correct wiki system of approval and has a track record of getting business pages approved.

@gtg, I just read your initial post that was linked here where you said you were looking for pro wiki writers.

I don't fully understand the Hive witness system, but as a witness, is this something you'd post and pay for?

It's a 5 minute, cheap job for a freelancers that knows what they're doing - We just need someone with authority to start the process.

Can you get this easy win done for us?

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