Hive price dropping extremely?

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When the buying power decreases buying wares may be the way to retain assets value :P

The hive, bitcoin, eth prices dropped significantly. You got to always look on the bright side of life

I don't know if you have ever lived in a country with high inflation or a communist one (its economy is often called the economy of lack, where the wares are being bought not because of the demand but because limited supply and decreasing buying power).

Solution? Get your Hive bags and cut your losses

Bags dimensions: ~40x40cm
Print on both sides
There's a short or long handle (option to choose)
Material: cotton (about 120g/cm2)

Bag - 12.00 Hive

shipment to EU/Europe - 20.00 Hive

The prices remained exactly the same as this project is not commercial one - check the previous post

For other countries I'll need to check. Shipping by registered letter with tracking number. The shipping cost is charged once, no matter how many bags you order. Just want to know if there's any demand for them. Additionally, I need to check if the postal service is provided to non-EU country. GB is fine.

You can send the address to which you want me to send the bag in decrypted memo using '#'

Kudos to @good-karma for the text.




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