The CryptoManiacs Podcast - The End Is...Here?

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Red days!

The end is here!

Everyone sell!

Quick get out!

Or......Get even more active than ever before :)

In Episode 30-ish we dive into the markets and why...When everyone else has FUD...You fill your bags as much as you can!

Hope you enjoy the show :)

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New to Crypto would love to get on and chat with yall! Let me know!

Pop by the live streams. We always engage with the community :)

whats the link? I dont know how to access 3speak live

I feel like this was an entire episode about getting people to stay active.

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It's a message, that needs to be heard.

a bit of excitement to the market to scare off the noobs, in a few weeks we will be back on top again

It's a big cycle...Always comes and goes for sure.

I don't really consider myself to be a very patient person, but I guess I am when it comes to crypto. I don't know why you would sell when things are down so low. That whole mentality of "at least I pulled out something" is lost on me. I'd rather just hold on to the bitter end in case the markets prove us wrong!

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Likewise. I'm way too stubborn to quit now LOLOLL

Never sell...

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Can't do it LOL Even if I tried...I'm too stubborn and I go down with the ship!!

That will either age very well or very poorly. I'm inclined to go with the first option lol

When everyone else has FUD...You fill your bags as much as you can!

... or at least you don't empty them in fear only to discover down the road you were the foul that sold at the bottom.

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LOL Good point!