Here Comes The Maximalists...

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The market is going crazy....

Doge is mooning again...

Heck even BCH is having itself a day...

And you know what happens when something other than BTC starts to shine....

The maximalists start showing up!

And I'm not just picking on BTC fan boys and girls, heck I'm a fan boy lol I'm saying...Everyone that tries to make their coin superior to the next, hurts adopting more than helps.

What do you think?

Are maximalists something that helps us? Or does it hurt crypto as a whole?

My thoughts are in this super quick video :)

Hope to hear yours on this subject too!

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I don't get it either. One of the biggest cases of this is BitcoinCash. It's their way or get the hell out lol is pretty much their mentality since they forked off of bitcoin. 2017 I blame Bitcoincash for being part of the reason adoption didn't happen. With lawsuits, confusion and saying they are BITCOIN, taking over domains etc. It totally rubbed me the wrong way. You say crypto is build to be dectralized yet you want to go sue people... how the f does that make sense!

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It's very odd...And I see it alot on Noise. They really hate BTC people lolol

Nobody should be a snob, believing their coin is the only one around worth having. Pride cometh before a fall. Being a fan of a coin is fine, though, like preferring your hockey team or brand of car. !BBH

Ha ha ha Proverbs 16:18 ;)

I believe in crypto with a non-dual approach. There's no good or bad if it's mooning :) Maximalists might commit crypto-cide :)) in a long term. Their strategy has to be supported by the system they're playing in. We shouldn't be worried about that in the blockchain. That is the comfort I find and the TRUST part while being in Hive. On the other hand, pushing things a bit from time to time can be really motivating for others to invest and hold.

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I know I've had biases and missed out on a lot of opportunities :(

From 2013 to this date, I lost 2 accounts with BTC. There were two websites where I had them...don't ask me how it happened...I still feel like crying sometimes. So now I am back taking smaller steps....

There really is enough fighting in this world, it is really bad to be fighting over whose coin is better. We are all in this together. When we are fighting over coins, this does not set a good example for new people coming in. Just saying.

I think that on the contrary the most successful blockchain businesses are the ones that actually make chains and cryptos come together. Look at Leo, look at Splinterlands. What made Alien Worlds litteraly explode? It's because they merge WAX with BSC... There will always be these maximalists but they will simply loose because they miss the opportunities that are offered by entirety of the crypto ecosystem...

Agreed. Time for Hive to look above and beyond what we have. It's o.k. to spread our wings and build together!

I don't believe in that nonsense either. However I still think maximalist are something that does help us because they tend to be ones super passionate about making things succeed. This means they tend to also be the ones investing and ensuring that there is development in crypto.

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Oh I'm all for having your favorites and supporting it to the ends of the earth. I know I'm like that here lol

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven

Amen to that!

"Crypto is open and decentralised but you can only use xyz coin because everything else is shit"... doesn't sound open to me!

I agree with you, this tribalism and hostility to everything that isn't that specific token... needless. This is a brand new financial world that's being shaped with cryptography vs fiat/banks and making it feel like a cult means it's not welcoming to newcomers. Like you say, be nice to others, the industry as a whole is still tiny and we're still so early!

Brand new financial world!!!


That's why I'll never understand the us against them mentality in crypto...It should be us vs the banks LOL

"My coin is better than your coin!" I guess somethings will never change.

LOL Yeah it's just silly...But expected.

Outdoor videos are the best.

Winners focus on winning losers focus on Winners.

Crypto is long term positive sum game.

It's okay to be One coin Maximalist as long as we don't disrespect others community and what they trying to achieve.

Very important is call our Crypto scammers though.

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Yeah man, I need to get out of the house more LOL

Neutrality is such a common sense attitude. Look at what happens in politics when people are either right or left. Why can't there be a moderate, neutral attitude with life in general and crypto specifically? You have your favorite I have mine and we all respect each others' opinions.

That's it. To me, it's all about what you love and not tear down the next person and what they love.

Exactly, Jon! Like you say, We need to hug it out. No haters!

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after each mania filled bull run comes a period of depression, and the market is showing that today ( Sunday )

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