#MyHiveGoals - 7 Days Of Stackin'

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Updated! #MyHIVEGoals For 2020.png

And away we go....

Another week finished and another week of stacking and building on my Hive journey!

I love looking back on these posts and seeing where I can improve each and every week. If you aren't yet writing down your goals and working towards them...Start now :)

150,000 Hive Power

HiveStats (1).png

Love seeing this graph each and every week grow!

The best thing about Hive, is that I am stacking my bags by being both active (creating) and passive (curation and delegation).

150,000 - 106,096.43 = 43,903.57 left to go

Slowly but surely, we're chipping away :)

20,000 LEO Power

My-Wallet-—-LeoFinance (1).png

I added quite a few new LEO to my bags as well this past week, thanks to some amazing and very generous votes from the community!!

Man I love this project and everything they are building @leofinance

CUB development, the AMA and news across the entire platform makes me thrilled to be a part of it!

20,000 - 13,295.863 = 6,704.137 left to go

Show up, add value, engage! That's the trick to all this stuff!

Dollar Coast Average Into Hive-Engine Projects

This week I purchased:


And after this week's buys I'm at....

7140 @he-index
821.33 @brofund
415 @utopis

Every week, I fall in love with these projects that much more. I mean, I'm kind of biased with INDEX lol But Utopis and BRO are just brilliant. So cool to watch these grow and pay out the dividends weekly and daily :)

100 Hive Rewards Per Day

And here's one of my favorite measuring sticks...

43.10 Hive per day from Creating
15.00 Hive per day from Curation
1.247 Rewards From @dlease
200 SIM from @dcitygame (< 1 Hive)
10 Rewards From Misc.

Total Rewards 69.62 Hive per day

Note - I think it's time for me to leave @dcitygame The taxes are 100% or higher, and there is zero profits. It's become a game for the top accounts and no one else. They'll say it's 'part of the game and mirrors reality', well when people get taxed too much....They leave the country or start a revolution. I'll bow out gracefully and no longer be tracking Dcity for my daily income.

Sad that it's come to this but they've ruined it for the majority of the players.

25 Orcas / Dolphins In The CTP Swarm

GOAL REACHED - April 2, 2020

Stay up to date with all the news from the CTP Swarm by following both @clicktrackprofit and @ctpsb

Now let's take a look at the price of the CTP Token...

Hive-Engine-Smart-Contracts-on-the-Hive-blockchain (5).png

Still hovering around 3 cents each...The little token that could is still truckin' along :)

Oh yeah, we're about to burn another 25,000 CTPM....So there's that!

Have an awesome week all :)


Our Token:



Our Miner:



Vote for our Witness Node On Hive-Engine:



DCITY RIOTS! It sucks it's come to this but happy I tried it out for as long as we all did

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LOL Riot in the streets!!! We want lower taxes!!!

You are setting an awesome example for the rest of us in CTP to follow. It is encouraging to see that hard work pays off.

Slow and steady...Steady being the key word :)

Not much to say besides awesome sauce 😎

Reblogged, tweeted, tipped, voted.


Thank you sir!

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Sorry to hear about DCity. I think the high taxes are being pushed to pull out some of those people. I don't think the game will be the same ever again but I do think there are probably ways for smaller people to earn through citizens/tech. But it doesn't help the big cities much.

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Yeah I'm not selling my SIM anytime soon, but I just wont be buying any more building. Sucks cause I was really enjoying it. Doesnt need to be like 1% tax...But make it sustainable for people to actually enjoy it.

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I agree with you on the dcity front. I'm done with the game myself and moving on to other things now. Sadly they ran that into the ground quickly. A few days of 100% or high tax sure. I constant negative what's the point.

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It's insane. I'm ok with taxes and keeping things in check, but this is just dumb now.

No one is enjoying it except the top SIM holders.

I'm glad I didn't invest anything into dcity, I didn't really have the time or money anyway, and I'm glad I spent that time building connections with the great people on Hive and Leo rather than a disappointing game. I hope SIM grows in price so you will at least get your money's worth.

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Yeah it was such a cool game, but thee taxes and the powers that be have ruined it for the everyday player.

I hope you will reach your goal of 100Hive per day very soon.

Thanks :)

Hope so too!

I just need to increase the content, and curation :)

Sprinkle in some delegation too!

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