#MyHiveGoals - And Here We Are....

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Updated! MyHIVEGoals For 2020.png

I started this journey....Over a half a year ago!

Here's a link to my original post, on June 7th of this year...

What a journey!

Let's go through it all and see how I did from June 7th to December 26th :)

100,000 Hive Power

HiveStats 1.png

Sadly, we didn't hit 100k!

100,000 - 92,686.094 = 7313.91 Hive Power Left To Go

Still, we're only around 7300 Hive Power away from reaching the goal!

It's interesting to look back the post in June and see where I was and what I had written down:

When I started this challenge, I was at 56,592 Hive Power...And have added 36,094.094 Hive Power since.

Not bad at all :)

I literally added a 3rd of my entire Hive Power in the past half a year!!!

The power of shooting for a goal and sticking to it everyday...You may not hit what you wrote down but man oh man...You will be LIGHT YEARS ahead of where you were!

Write. It. Down!!!

10,000 LEO Power

We only added LEO into the challenge about a month ago...And I'm very happy to say, goal achieved!


This will play a big role in my continued journey in 2021, so I'm very happy to have hit 10k this year.

And the best part was, I did add some purchases throughout the year to reach this but this was mostly organic!

Huge shout out to the LEO community because they practice what they preach. If you plug in and deliver value, the whales will support you! That is so powerful and a big reason why LEO continues to grow and become such a massive force.

It starts with @khaleelkazi 's leadership and vision and then plays out through the amazing community of token holders.

I've got big plans for my LEO journey in 2021, stay tuned :)

50 Rewards Per Post

This is something of a head scratcher to me...Because back in June I was trying to hit...25 Rewards Per Post!

HiveStats 1f.png

We blew past 25 rewards per post and are now sitting (this week) at 32.94 rewards per post.

Remember, this is just from content creation....The possibilities on Hive and the entire eco-system are mind blowing!!!

20 Dolphins In The CTP Tribe

And this is truly remarkable!

We set the goal in June to hit 10 Dolphins....Back then, we had 4!

At the current time of this writing we have:

2 Orcas
10 Dolphins

With SOOOOO many CTP Tribe members close to Dolphin status!

This community truly is, one of a kind...I can't wait to see where CTP goes in 2021....Thank you for all the support you have shown the Swarm...Remarkable people, every single one of you!!

So What's The Plan?

Next Saturday even we will start a brand new challenge...

I have some things I want to reach and goals I wish to achieve in 2021...So we'll revisit the goals and start a brand new year on the blockchain!

Thank you so much for joining me every week on this journey...I cannot stress the importance of writing your goals down, and putting them out there in the universe to take shape. This stuff really does work :)

Happy Holidays to each and everyone of you reading this and let's get ready for an epic 2021!



Congrats! You'll make it in the new year at least.

Thank you sir, appreciate that!

Crossing fingers!!

I need to engage more on Hive myself.

Very inspiring! Congratulations man! I think I'll follow your advice and write down my goals for 2021.

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Awesome to hear that!

Yeah it really works...Just keep writing them down, every week...And you see where you need to improve and how your account growth is going!

Congrats on the goals accomplished. Nice progress on the ones that were just out of reach. It won't be long before you get there. I know you'll make significant strides in 2021, as well. It will be interesting to see how far you can go.

Now that I have a few months of experience under my belt, I am in a good position to take stock in where I am and what kind of progress I feel is a stretch, but attainable.

It will be fun to look back at the end of next year to see much we grew.

It really starts snowballing.

I mean 1/3 of all my hive power was generated in about 6 months....Took 2.5 years to get 2/3 of that....Crazy to think of how this just starts growing on it's own.

Congratulations @JonGOlson! Even if Hive is not 100% achieved you are almost there. 100k HP is a lot, by any means and standard! Also the LP is great! Hope to follow your steps soon enough. :)

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Thanks man...Yeah I'm very happy with it...Slow and steady now for Hive...Don't need to rush it :)

LEO on the other hand LOL Might wanna 2x or 3x that next year lol

LEO on the other hand LOL Might wanna 2x or 3x that next year lol

And at the end of December there is Jon G with his 50k LP stack ;)

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Nice target!!!

I'll for sure try LOL

What platforms do you use to pull the graphs for your staked hive power etc?

And hey you still have a few days till the end of the year. CRUNCH TIME! 10x it and hit your goal!

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LOL True, never know what happens...All this BTC gains LOL I can dip lol

I use https://www.hivestats.io from @leofinance

Frickin' love that platform!

Awesome thank you!

Way to Jon you are doing great, next year will even be better. Yes writing down your goals help you reach where you want to be.

You are getting close to that dolphin status!!!

Let's gooooooooo!

forever waiting for your hivedaddy status.
Can't wait to see your 2021 goals. I need to make those as well.

We all have goals in life....HiveDaddy is mine lol

We did well you are an inspiriting to me and many others here

Just trying to show people, anyone can do this.

Just be stubborn and keep showing up :)

That is some insane gains to have started only half a year ago at much lower stats. I have not went through all your progression over the half year but jaw dropping to see such gains. I am curious are you doing this as a full time thing, or you have a full time job and this is a side hobby/hustle? Would like to know because I wish to know if it is even feasible for a guy like me that have spend a lot of time on Hive ecosystem but also working a full time job and family to take care of. Thanks!

My full time job is @clicktrackprofit and the training we have on the site...And we're working on brining more of our members to crypto and the blockchain.

The goal is to build income here to compliment our affiliate marketing and training business! :)

Great plan you have there chasing your dreams. Living life doing what you love while earning a living.

Amazing progress man on all fronts! It will be difficult to get these 7.3k organically in 3 day LOL but that doesn't really matter. You will reach it first days of january. Looking forward to seeing the 2021 goals!

LOL Yeah, and I'll do what I always do....Slow and steady...If there is a big dip, I'll buy a bunch.

I cannot wait to see what you have personally in store for your personal goals. And what you have in store for us.

Much more diversification....BUT, all on the blockchain :)

Pin me down as a dolphin next year. And yes, of course we are going for more.

You're a big inspiration Jon. Mad respect 💪

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Thanks man, appreciate the kind words!

Oh you are on the path for sure...It's coming!

This is an inspiring and aspiring target to reach 100k is tremendous. Myself I am targeting 10k with my main account and will soon get to 4.5k. So I am still trustful I will get there seeing others doing the same. Congrats!

You will be blown away at how quickly 10k turns into 100k lol

It really begins to snowball.

Cruising Nicely Jon.
I hope you will do well in 2021 too.

Thank you kindly!

Getting ready to set those goals for 2021....Love the new year excitement of doing that!

Awesome achievement Jon .. You're done with Leo and slightly away from Hive Goal of 100k. Congratulations.

Thanks man!

Yeah I'm pretty close :)

Gives me a good target to hit in the first month or so of 2021.

You're really doing well. You inspire me with #myhivegoals and I think its the best way to keep going. I'll be in for this on 2021. At the moment I'm heading towards my 10k CTP stake. I hope to reach 5k before we break into 2021.

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