#MyHiveGoals - One Goal...Completed!

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Updated! MyHIVEGoals For 2020.png

Did you enjoy that little pump Hive was on last week?

Saw prices that haven't been here since October of 2020...And I have a feeling it's only just beginning.

The accumulation of Hive might be tougher if price starts rising, that's why it's so important to get out there now and stack :)

Let's see how we did this week...

150,000 Hive Power

HiveStats 1.png

I'm accumulation Hive at a steady pace, and have been doing 100% power ups for a lot of my content.

This has helped me shoot past 95,000 Hive power :)

150,000 - 95,146.575 = 54,853.43 Left To Go

A little slower than I thought we'd be accumulating coming into 2021...but never going to complain :)

20,000 LEO Power

A very nice week on LEO for me...Accumulated some nice creator rewards as well as curation rewards too!


20,000 - 10.574.364 = 9,425.636 Left To Go

With the amount of support and activity LEO has, accumulating will become harder and harder...So now is the time to get active there!

Your future self will thank you!

100 Hive / Day In Rewards

What. A. Week!

46.93 rewards per day from Creation
18.15 rewards per day from Curating
3.829 rewards per day from @dlease
8800 SIM per day from @dcitygame (Approx. 35 Hive)
12 rewards from Misc. projects

Approx. 115.90 Hive Per Day!!!!!


I've hit this goal in week number 3 of 2021...But let's see if it's sustainable.

I won't celebrate yet until we see a few weeks of 100 plus Hive rewards every day.

25 Dolphins In The CTP Tribe & CTP Token @ 5 cents

We're growing :)

We've got a new Dolphin in the Swarm...A very warm welcome to:


That's 15 dolphins and orcas inside of CTP. This is SO cool!

And so many awesome members close to the Dolphin threshold...We've got a big 2021 coming!

Speaking of which...Here's the latest price of the CTP Token ;)

HiveEngineSmartContractsontheHiveblockchain 3.png



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An example of what happens when you put your head down and just keep grinding. It isnt easy but consistency helps a great deal.

This is the message that others need to take. None of this is an overnight process. It takes a lot time to keep pushing ahead and getting the results. As the price of stuff goes higher and gets more popular, it gets harder to earn.

The best time to stack is when things are quiet and few are active.

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Thanks man. and its tough...TO ignore the noise and just build. Every single day.

Been doing this for over 3 years now, and still have 2 years left to go on my 'plan'...We'll see where it goes :)

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We about ready for another video?

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Yeah man, anytime this week I'm good to go...Speaking of which, I need to upload our last one today too ;)

Congrats on hitting your targets. How do I join CTP? I use the tag and assume my posts show up in the front end, but is that all?

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Yup, just the tag CTP....But we are redesigning the front end too, which will be ready very soon at https://www.ctptalk.com

Amazing job. I am also slowly building up my account and staking all the tribe tokens I get. Is it better to focus on a few or spread it out everywhere?

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I am starting to consolidate what I am holding. It is easy to spread oneself too thin. There is a lot of catch our eye and can detract form adavancing.

Of course, have to choose wisely since many projects are not worth the effort or attention.

Hard choice.

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Yea I feel like I am spreading myself a little thin but I am making gradual progress. But I feel like some tokens are not worth the effort as the return on the token is very horrible. I add them because I could and it fit the content.

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Yeah and even if the return is decent, the time and effort it takes is not worth it.

I would rather have a small handful of superior tokens and dedicate my resources there.

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I focused on a few when I got started...Literally the only two tribes I was buying into was LEO and CTP. But I've since branched out. I think focusing allows you to get better results quicker, and then you can dive into other things after.

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I still have to think things through to figure out what I want to focus on but thanks for the advice.

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Wow way to go!! It is my dream just to be a Dolphin but I will swim along with you @jongolson

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That title of your account...Had to make me follow you LOL

That's the best!

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Big thumbs up for achieving your hive goals.
I think getting to a dolphin status on ctp might be a challenge for me but it's not impossible.

Hope you'll get to your set LP sooner


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It happens quicker than you think...My big goal when I first joined was hitting 5k Hive Power...Seemed like a huge mountain to climb..But you just keep chipping away and before you know it...Dolphin :)

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wow @jongolson Really good results and excellent goals...Congratulations and your path can be an example and a stimulus for those who want to grow and improve on Hive.

I take this opportunity to ask you some information:
CTP tag can be used for what topics?
Is there a discord channel or a website?
Thanks and congratulations again for your brilliant path of growth and for your goals that I wish you to reach before the time you have set for yourself.

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Yup, for sure...Here's our Discord https://discord.gg/KFky2qu

The topics on CTP are 'entrepreneurship'...So that's a broad niche but anything people are working on, personal growth, investing, business, anything you have a passion for :)

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Thanks for the reply and for the info
I will often use the ctp tag in my posts :)

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Hey @jongolson, here is a little bit of BEER from @libertycrypto27 for you. Enjoy it!

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damn 115 per day good job man! Also, thanks for the mention and warm welcome!

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Not bad huh...Can't believe it myself...But now to shoot for higher totals...And give away as many upvotes as possible too!

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Congrats on reaching that goal!! I need to get back to creating and also need to put my goals in writing so to drive me to do more. Also where do I find those numbers to even know what I'm doing each day/week.

Check https://hivestats.io

That's where I get all the numbers from.

Wow! Dcity really make a nice difference here.
One thing I am noticing that 50% of your Hive is attained in "passive/semi-passive" mode.

Yup, and ultimately, i'd like to get it all in 'passive' mode....But i love creating, so I don't really consider it work...if you know what I mean.

Nicely done on the goal. One thing I admire about you is your consistency. You are a very picture of discipline with your posting, commenting, curating, and focus. And that CTP token price will come. Slow and steady wins the race.

Appreciate that man, thanks for the kind words. Yeah I'm too stubborn to do anything else LOLOL

Many congratulations!

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Thank you sir, appreciate that very much!

Congratulations on reaching your goal, Jon! This is the longest I have stuck with anything and that's because for me it feels real. I am seeing results and even though they're not huge they are still in a positive direction. Just keep swimming. :-)

Keep going...I know it's not the solution many want to here, but I'm starting to see the returns from sticking with this stuff for years. Nothing worth having happens overnight :)

Great job! Love it when goals get smashed!

Can't believe it happened so quickly...Hopefully I can knock out some more soon!

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