#MyHiveGoals - Show Up Everyday!

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Updated! MyHIVEGoals For 2020.png

Here we go!

Another week, another 7 days of accumulation and account growth!

Did I ever mention how much I love these blockchains?

150,000 Hive Power

HiveStats 1.png

A nice steady increase this past week, but still, nothing major in terms of accumulation.

Still, I'm never going to say no to whatever I manage to haul in ;)

150,000 - 104,843.63 = 45,156.37 left to go

Almost under 45,000 Hive Power...A lot slower than I had hoped for but I'm still grinding!

20,000 LEO Power


I've tried to slow down my CUB transfers so I could build up LEO a little bit more...but it's just so addicting LOL

Anyways, I added a few LEO to the pot this past week too:

20,000 - 12,768.52 = 7,231.48 left to go

The battle I have each week right now...

Do I focus on CUB or LEO more????

Dollar Cost Average Into Hive-Engine Projects

Just finished buying the following tokens:


And after this week's buys I'm at....

6825 @he-index
801.631 @brofund
394 @utopis

100 Hive Rewards Per Day

We didn't pull in as many rewards this week as last...

Which did kind of lower the daily totals but again...I'm NEVER going to complain, I'm so blessed to be able to create in this amazing community each and every day!

33.32 Rewards for Creating
14.90 Rewards for Curating
2.542 Rewards from @dlease
7137 SIM Rewards from @dcitygame (Approx. 11 Hive)
10 Rewards from Misc.

Total Rewards = 71.76 Hive This Week Per Day

Crazy to think...

We are rewarded for creating, curating and investing in our community each and everyday!

25 Dolphins / Orcas In The CTP Swarm

GOAL REACHED - April 2, 2020

Stay up to date with all the news from the CTP Swarm by following both @clicktrackprofit and @ctpsb

As for the price of CTP....Well, we are at the mercy of the market ;)

Might be a few days for the community to accumulate while it's cheap but alas...The market decides!

HiveEngineSmartContractsontheHiveblockchain 4.png


Our Token:



Our Miner:



Vote for our Witness Node On Hive-Engine:


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Keep grinding and you'll hit those goals..

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Yeah never stopping!

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Boy there is all kinds of stuff to learn in this platform.
Thank you Jon . I'm learning a lot.

Absolutely, lots of stuff to learn...But it's so worth it :)

What is it with this building stuff?

Where is the get rich quick stuff?

That is all that matters.

Screw it, I am going back to Facebook.

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ha ha ha 30 days or less, guaranteed millions!!!

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My hive is low my ctp cakes in. I never have brought any hive. I transfer my hbd to hive. I am guessing it will show up someday.

Check the open orders if it didn't go through. It might not have gone through.

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Well done!

Appreciate that!!

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I really need to get up on the CTP band wagon and shot half stepping!
I met a writer today at the dispensary, and he was talking about some grass roots social movement he wanted to start, and so I tried to onboard him onto hive, and make sure his content is immutable and that his community the he builds around him is aswell. This is the guy https://mobile.twitter.com/ALetterIT1
He litterally just started his social media footprint.

Anytime you are ready to jump into CTP :) Let us know!

Community is supportive and will help anyway we can!

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The grind continues. I am also finding it a bit tougher to get my HP goal as well. If I only went for my usual 100 HP a month, it seems like consistent activity would be enough but I decided to make it 150 HP this month. I think I guess I will have to make that goal a little more realistic next month.

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I think Leo is the safe bet if you want to focus on a coin more because there are at least two more airdrops coming and having more Leo will definitely not hurt

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Good stuff and great to see how you're killing those goals every week. Nice to see CTP prices up a bit. Glad i bought some at the lows.

Man, looking at those Goals, I strive to do better and achieve more daily.

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