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We did something different this week...

2 episodes of the Crypto Maniacs....For your listening (and viewing)....Pleasure?

Join @taskmaster4450 and yours truly as we dive into:

  • @LeoFinance and it's future!
  • Awful marketing angles for the blockchain
  • Being extremely boring on your content creation journey
  • And finally....A whole lot of @splinterlands love

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Great podcast guys! I saw you were wondering about Splinterlands. Here are some recent stats:

They still haven't released some of the major stuff of 2021. I believe we'll see more growth towards the second half of the year. And cards do relatively well in the bear market.

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I absolutely love the 'Lands!

Can't wait to see what they are bring out. Thanks for the link!!

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Yep, there's much that can be developed on Lands alone. But they have a secret expansion they don't talk much about and they say it's going to be really big and also launched in 2021, possibly in Q3.

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There were some great points and even though splinterlands wasn't really a game for you, I like that you see value in the cards. So I think you are doing a good job being a collector and being a part of the ecosystem.

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I'm sure they benefit from everyone in the game...So it caters to me for sure....Love the collecting!

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I like to think that I'm anything but boring when it comes to content creation, some people like my memes and some hate them but at least they're not bored :P

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Ha ha ha ha Nothing but a legend!!

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Your post was promoted by @jfang003

Appreciate ya man, thanks for the plug!

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yeah, instead of marketing Hive we need to market our project and in turn Hive get automatically marketed.


The products will end up marketing Hive better than we ever could.

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I have been saying for years that marketing should be focused on 2-layer projects. Could not agree with you guys more. Marketing can not be a one size fits all. Identify the target audience and advertise accordingly.

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Let the projects market themselves, they know their audience and product best...Hive is the wheels that make all the projects roll :)

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